my qualifying exams (and a favor)

I need to ask a favor. My qualifying exam date is set: June 8. From now till then, i will be focused on getting material together for that exam. Please understand that i cannot engage with anyone’s projects or research right now. I’m happy to talk with press who are working to end the culture of fear surrounding MySpace. But i need to embargo requests for advice, consulting, talks, attending things, etc. I can’t even handle the requests from other academics right now. 🙁 I also cannot handle introductions to new people. I know that this is terrible timing considering that i met so many amazing people in the last two weeks, but i simply cannot engage and i feel guilty about all of the saying no that i’m doing. I really appreciate that my work has been useful to so many (and i hope that it will continue to be relevant), but i desperately need to focus for a while.

I will still be blogging, more to keep my sanity than anything else. But i probably won’t read other blogs unless people send me links that are relevant to my exams/MySpace/youth. I know everyone is well-meaning and i’m sooo sorry that i’m so overcommitted.

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7 thoughts on “my qualifying exams (and a favor)

  1. tyfn

    danah, good luck with your qualifying exam.

    I recommend Tim Horton’s Hot Chocolate (available in Vancouver) to help keep you focused.

  2. Ben Metcalfe

    Best of luck with your exams (not that you need luck!)

    It would be good to hook up – physically or virtually when you’re done!!!

    all the best,

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