zipping around

Just to let everyone know, i’m off to Tahoe for the weekend (Squaw Fest) and then Etech and then SXSW. I have no idea how much i’ll be online, but hopefully i’ll see a lot of you in San Diego or Austin. Also, i *think* that i’m going to be on Your Call on Monday (KALW 91.7) in case you wanna listen.

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2 thoughts on “zipping around

  1. Hapto

    Huh, Listened to the show…

    its interesting that there is all this fear about dirty olde men, and of all the younguns I’ve talked to in and around myspace has tried to ‘beat the murdochs’ by screwing up the ages and photos on thier profiles… played the perception game right into worrying the parents… (but that’s part of the attraction, yes?)

    anyway, that was just my thoughts.. *hugs*

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