Bradley Horowitz is blogging!

Bradley Horowitz (one of my bosses over at Yahoo!) has the most interesting things to say about the emergence of social technologies. Because we felt as though he should share this brilliance, Jeremy and i have been on his case to blog for quite some time. Now he’s gone and done it! Yay!!

In his opening post, he addresses how sites like, and Flickr will scale, talking about value creation and the need to recognize that not everyone needs to be a producer for these things to work. In triangle form, this means:

Anyhow, check out his blog to read more brilliant insights…

[Oh, and all of you bloggers out there… get your bosses to blog… it’s quite a hoot!]

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2 thoughts on “Bradley Horowitz is blogging!

  1. Ken

    Looks like a scale-free network to me. While I suspect that many are merely artifacts of researchers’ expectations, these things are popping up all over the place.

  2. stefanos

    my bosses to blog?

    that is nuts: nursing home directors usually hide from the public….

    I am suprised that my patients have not commented on my site; I do know persons google search me for references.

    the only comments I get is mostly from spam.

    i do have patient starting to use email: they do like that. though I call and speak for the difficult, “by the way doc, I have chest pain.”

    I have one patient that even got the word out on sousveillance on the voice of russia (formaly the voice of moscow)

    but still, no flashmobing in nursing homes…I guess persons are too timid.

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