tis holiday time…

I’m still not a big fan of Christmas because as best as i can tell, it’s just an excuse for mass consumption and gluttony. But still, i enjoy the family time and thus i’m headed to the east coast to spend time with relatives. I don’t know how much Internet access i will have between now and January 9. After family time, i will be running off to Hawaii for a mix of vacation (aka: reading time) and “conference” “attendance” (aka academic family outting).

In any case, i wish everyone the best in their consumption and celebratory efforts!

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7 thoughts on “tis holiday time…

  1. Mano Marks

    I like to think about Christmas of 1914, the so-called Christmas truce, where all the guns on the Western Front of World War I fell silent, and soldiers from both sides crossed the lines in droves to exchange gifts of food, cigarettes, and commisarate about what an awful war it was. The generals were deathly afraid that they would not start fighting again. My friend calls it Trucemas, and that’s the only thing I want to celebrate on December 25th.

  2. eric

    There’s always that thing about God coming into to the world as a human, to be with people, to suffer for them, and to save them. Not sure what it has to do with eating, but surely this is worth celebrating.

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