animated boinking on furniture

Matt wrote the most hysterical entry about Brazilian furniture store Tok&Stok’s furniture selection interface which focuses on how you can have sex on various furniture items. Not only can you choose pre-selected positions, you can create your own sexual favorite and animate it (complete with hearts).

Presumably they created their Valentines Book of Styles after receiving too much icky returned merchandise or witnessing too many unmentionable incidents on floor demos. “Try before you buy”? Not so much. “Um, yeah, Union of the Tiger isn’t compatible with these arm rests. Oh, sorry if the cushions are stuck together.” — Matt

The humor in this overrides the heteronormativity that Matt rightfully points out. (Ah, fellow Brownies…)

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6 thoughts on “animated boinking on furniture

  1. Riana

    I’m 1. in the process of moving into a new apartment with zero furniture and 2. single at the moment, so, sadly, the first thing that sprang to mind when I saw that picture was “Gee, that’s a nice color, I wonder if it’s natural or stained.”

    What’s sadder is that I get far more excited at the prospect of getting to decorate my apartment than at the idea of getting a date.

  2. Bibi's box

    Valentines Book of Styles: a better use for furniture

    There is a Brazilian furniture store called Tok & Stok that sells products with a clean and nice design. Matt Hutson points to a web interface that they developed called Valentines Book of Styles. Probably they made for our Valentine’s day (12 of June…

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