off to see the wizard

It’s that time of the year. The time when my city drains itself of bottled water, rebar and fuzzy furry items and heads off to create an alternate reality in the desert. As a self-diagnosed workaholic, i love Burning Man because it’s a guaranteed opportunity to goof around with my friends in 10 days of prescribed play time. Plus, i get to wear ridiculous items and build dome-like things. I haven’t seen much of my friends lately so the opportunity to see them in the desert is just heavenly.

I will be camping with False Profit. My previous camp (Monkey vs. Robot) was acquired by False Profit:

For the first time ever, False Profit will have a corporate presence at Burningman in 2005. The rampant success of the Monkey vs Robot venture in 2003 and 2004 proves that this emerging market is ready for the cultural advancements and life-quality enhancements pioneered by FP here in SF. Be on the lookout for exciting new products and services brought to you by False Profit on the playa this year, with Zero Percent Financial Return Guaranteed as always.

Expect to see corporate branding, tree-grown money and perhaps a few exploding market bubbles.

I will be offline until September 6, locatable only in dust. I suspect it will take me a while to get back to email. If there are any emergencies, call my mom.

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4 thoughts on “off to see the wizard

  1. Jessica

    Yes sounds like it would be alot of fun but I to am a work acholic and cant seem to get a day to even take a vacation this time. Have a great time at the burning man!

  2. Haacked

    Hey Danah, I am so bummed that I discovered your blog (via Dare’s recent post) after BM. I would have loved to meet you on the Playa to shoot the shit about software’s place in building communities.

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