FemDefence (modern day chastity belt)

::shudder:: Watch this. They are ads for a Swedish project called FemDefence. It’s a design project (not product) that came about after a series of rapes in Sweden in 2003. A bitty warning: there’s pain between my legs just thinking about this.

(tx Jo… i think)

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13 thoughts on “FemDefence (modern day chastity belt)

  1. Mel

    I think this is really great but not very well conceived/executed. The video left a lot to be desired production wise and the messages weren’t always clear. The first clip was the best and I liked what it had to say. The last two were convoluted and didn’t really offer a connection between the attempted rape and rape and the (fictional/symbolic) device. In fact, there’s no reference anywhere in the video to the device or use of the device.

    But conceptually speaking I like the visual very much. Their choice of advertising model (shock value and symbolism) really gets the point (pun intended) across. It works.

  2. damion

    The design reminds me of the book “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson. Instead of a steel pin, in the book there was a needle that injected the trespasser with enough downers to knock them out for several hours.

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  4. Chris

    If this contraption injures the man by piercing, or puncturing his penis, would that be an immediate exchange of bodily fluids (ie blood) and lead to a probably infection with HIV? Just a thought…

  5. dj

    My second thought after ouch that would hurt was. Would a woman really want to cause a stanger bleed in iside her?ASFIK blood is a greater bio hazard than, than semen. I see another noticed that flaw as well. Perhps the gamble in on an almost immediate withdrwal of the offend peckerwood?

  6. Yvona

    well I think this is something to think about..
    And the lady could infect herself with HIV even if the man rapes her so it’s the same, only the guy is shocked and injured and probably he would not do this again because he has to guess if the girl he wants to rape also has a femdefence..
    It makes people talk and I think the men can imagine what rape means for the women..

  7. Arlo

    This is revolutionary and the next big thing in personal security. I think you must move forward with R&D and marketing – whatever it takes, the sooner the better. It will sell immediately but more importantly, there is a vital need. Women and children here in America (and increasingly elsewhere) are not much more than “prey” in some cities and suburbs, parks, streets, shopping malls, even in their own bedrooms. The very possibility, no matter how remote, of running into this “spike” is an extremely effective deterrent to sexual predators.

  8. Arlo

    and….Like unmanned police cars and fake security cameras the device doesn’t even need to be used to be effective. The thought of it is enough to stop a crime.
    Budding sexual deviates are often remorseful but go on to kill women and children so they cannot be identified. You may save a woman a lifetime trauma of rape. In other cases you are saving lives. Not the least to consider is the predator himself.
    By providing an understandable relatable excuse for a sex predator NOT to commit a crime and by providing a tool to diffuse overwhelming sexual thoughts in this person, (ala Pavlovs Dog) you will be compassionately considering and saving the life of a man whose only fault may be powerful and overwhelming sexual urges he cannot stop through his own force of will or by his own devices.

    It is a great idea. HIV risk is slim. No downside unless you don’t know no means no….a valid fear for some of the machoist men but otherwise, no downside.

  9. KF

    It’s a fact (at least in the US) that the chances of a woman being killed go way up if she resists. It would seem to me that the guy would in all likelihood beat her to death after this…thing injured him. Yes, some might get away but others might well be killed rather than raped. Just a thought.

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