be a statistic

Be a statistic and *please* help Cam graduate. Pretty pretty please.

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4 thoughts on “be a statistic

  1. Markus Sandy

    Welcome back!

    I tried the survey but frankly found it a bit long and the responses to the multiple choice questions a bit restrictive.

    p.s. are your trackbacks working? I tried twice with this post, but they do note seem to be getting through.

  2. GuiM Weblog

    Je suis une statistique

    Le MIT lance une enquête sur les blogs. Pour participer, cliquez sur ‘lune des images ci-dessous : Via apophenia: be a statistic Tags: blog, blogosphère, enquête, statistiques, weblog

  3. zephoria

    Trackbacks are a disaster and i don’t know why they aren’t working but i don’t have the patience to debug so i just use Technorati every week.

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