dr. toast : oz so late – music to chill to

In prep for vacation, i’ve been organizing my iPod. I went through the hellish process of creating genres for everything and generating Playlists. One of my favorite genres – psychill – was sadly lacking. It’s the genre that i listen to the most because it’s ideal calm music to work to. Yet, i only had three artists there – bluetech, Shpongle and dr. toast. Part of the problem is that i honestly don’t know what else belongs in this genre.

So, i approached Toast to ask for good things in his genre and, bless his heart, he made me a mix of vacation music to chill by. In return, i wanted to do a shout-out for anyone who’s looking for good music to chill or work to. His album oz so late is just beautiful and i’ve listened to it perpetually since it came out. Click here for some song samples.

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4 thoughts on “dr. toast : oz so late – music to chill to

  1. museumfreak

    Just wanted to comment that I just got a fabulous album along these lines: Chill House New York 2.

    Bought it for $9 in the Newark Airport, after listening to just about every dance album in the store’s preview boxes (and they had a lot up there).

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