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I forgot to re-cap the teen panel at Computers, Freedom and Privacy last week due to traveling. I had an absolute blast. The teens were chosen based on their comfort with speaking on stage and their ability to articulate their thoughts and reflect on the attitudes of their peers. They were by no means “average” teens but their perspective was so valuable for helping folks think about their constructions of privacy. Plus, i absolutely adored talking to them. Late night IM sessions planning the panel, goofy conversations on the floor of the conference hall that often emerged from someone saying “well, duh, everyone knows that” and me going “umm… actually, i’d bet that lots of folks here *don’t* know that.”

Although i haven’t read it, Wired seems to have a transcript from the event. To paraphrase one of my favorite interactions that occurred:

me: so, how much do you use file-sharing these days?
teens: not much… everyone seems to say it’s illegal and there’s definitely a bit of fear
me: so do you buy CDs now?
teens: definitely not
me: how do you get your music?
teens: we go over to others’ houses and copy music from their computers or make ripped CDs for each other or….

There were lots of conversations about how whenever industry or adults try to make it difficult for teens to do certain things, they always figure out how to do what they want anyhow. The thing about file-sharing kills me though because it reminds me that the sharing of music is still, always was and always will be a sociable process, shared between friends. Just because we’re trying to put locks on the ability to trade music doesn’t mean we haven’t always done this and won’t continue to do so. I remember the art of tape-recording from the radio station to make perfect mixed tapes for friends. Same practice, new technology.

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  2. Irina

    This is brilliant (well I read the Wired article). Is there more? I want more! 🙂 can you please please pretty please analyze your data and publish it already! I need to cite you damnit!

  3. liam

    What I find interesting about teens and tech is their repeated calls for parents to invest the time and learn about the technology their kids use and talk to them about the potential dangers involved. But tech makers (rfid tag makers in particular) and parents don’t seem to be listening.

    With the advances in RFID tags, putting them into phones and clothes, makers and parents are adding yet another layer of technology to help protect the kids, but the kids will always find a workaround, like the kids in the talk pointed out.

    Website filters create censorship and RFID tag reinforce the panopticon – media education in both parents and teens will go a lot further and benefit more (with the exception of the rfid tag makers, of course.)

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