computers, freedom and privacy

I remember hearing about computers, freedom and privacy (CFP) years ago but deciding that i couldn’t stomache the heavy libertarian rhetoric. I didn’t like the idea of choirs preaching at each other. Interestingly, i think that the committee realized that this was happening because they decided that they needed to diversify the event, add different perspectives. I’m going to have the honor of moderating a teen panel on Friday where teens can offer their opinions on privacy issues. It should be super fun and i’m totally looking forward to it.

In general, CFP looks really interesting this year. If you’re in or around Seattle next week, you should definitely check it out.

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3 thoughts on “computers, freedom and privacy

  1. Joi Ito

    Hope you have fun. I was on the organizing committee one year and I was impressed by the the event. It was a lot more diverse than it might appear from the outside and wasn’t nearly at echo-chambery as some social software conferences. 😉 The teen panel sounds interesting. Please let us know how it goes.

  2. stef

    can’t find any blog or public info for those who cannot go.

    I enjoyed that vlogging conferance that Danah and Harold spoke at in Denmark: I could see them on my computer talking. I was not there, but felt connected. Lots of other great speakers as well.

    The sisgraph blog sort of fizzled out though the on site events seemed very cool.

    I like events where the blogs are more active, and balances the event with comments from the remote perspective. the vlogging makes the knowledge available both to those that are remote, as well to the self in the future for remembering.

    Also, of note, it is really cool to have info from workshops one cannot see due to simultaneous events ect, and hence, if things are blogged, and vlogged, it helps one get the most of the meeting.

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