liquidate: the end of 43 Norfolk

When i moved to San Francisco, i quickly got involved with False Profit because of friends from college. FP consists of a lot of overeducated, workaholic party kids. The community had a homebase, a warehouse at 43 Norfolk. After the death of the landlord, it was sold and the new people want to move in. Thus, we are losing our space in 2 days.

As can be expected, we threw our final party this weekend. Friends flew in from around the country. 850 people showed up before we locked the doors (probably another 300 came to try to get in but we were at capacity). It was a miracle that the cops did not shut us down – perhaps they knew it was our final party… or perhaps it was our security people. For me, the party started Friday when a bunch of us got together to prep the house and just hang out. Jeff Heer helped me put together a network exhibit using his Prefuse to visualize the Friendster-based social network of my crew and their friends. We started dancing at 10. By 8AM there were still 250 people on the dance floor. When the music ended around 11AMish, there were still 60+ people dancing their asses off. As it soaked in that it was the end of an era, we gathered in a circle… there were tears. And then there was hottubbing to ease the sore muscles.

I love that warehouse to bits and i’m really sad to see it go away. I’m still not sure what it will mean for our crew. Of course, many are splintering off to go back to school. And there is a new smaller live-only warehouse (no party space).

At least we went out with style… A full-on crazy liquidation.

Liquidate Party Invite:

Final Sale; Best Deals of the Millenium!

As you may know, ownership of FPHQ has recently changed hands, and The Company is moving to new a new, soon-to-be-announced location in San Francisco. So on March 26, False Profit is saying goodbye to 43 Norfolk with LIQUIDATE, the last party ever to happen at that location! The Company is clearing out all the old late-night entertainment to make room for the new models – all the fun must go!

A Memory Good Enough To Buy

Do you remember the time when you came to the party at FPHQ and had to step over the sewage water to get to the porto-potty? Or when you heard that DJ set at 43 Norfolk that made you start rubbing yourself? How about the time when the cops shined a Maglite right in your huge pupils? Or that hilarious time when your friend took just a little too much to be at a warehouse full of people? And when you met that extreme hottie and never got their number?

Now you can come reminisce about these good times – and many more – using False Profit’s exclusive new life-enhancement product: Memorable Moments. At LIQUIDATE, partygoers will have access to licenses* for Memorable Moments – with each license, you can go to the scene of one of your favorite memories at FPHQ and think about it once! Make them count! Share them with friends!**

Now, how much would you expect to pay for a license for one Memorable Moment? Guess lower. Still lower. No, fool, even lower! That’s right, you get three Memorable Moments absolutely free with your donation at the door! You will not want to miss this special, one-time offer.

So you get the fun, the dancing, the Corporate love, and the Memorable Moments, all for the suggested donation of $10 … With a spectacular all-star DJ lineup including:

Donna Matrix / Kraddy / Smoove / Laird / Kap’n Kirk / 8Ball / Joe Encarnacion / ALXNDR / benchun / halon / and more TBA…

( * Note: The licenses are not physical, tangible, or in any sense real. Guests are expected to use three at maximum. Company agents will be watching. Re-selling of licenses is expressly encouraged. )

( ** Note: in a group recollection, each participant must use one Memorable Moment license. )

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3 thoughts on “liquidate: the end of 43 Norfolk

  1. mie

    Sorry I missed it. But I totally feel the energy of it from others! I knew it’d be big…I’m looking forward to the next chapter.

  2. heerforceone

    vizster online

    Tempered by a successful installation and a paper submission, the project page for the Vizster social network browser is now online. Touch, don’t look….

  3. heerforceone

    vizster online

    Tempered by a successful installation and a paper submission, the project page for the Vizster social network browser is now online. Touch, don’t look….

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