guantanamo: honor bound to defend freedom

“Guantanamo: ‘Honor Bound to Defend Freedom'” is a British play that originally opened in London to protest the US’s abuse of human rights in citizens who were taken to Guits Guantanamo Bay prisons. The play tells the stories of 9 British antanamo under questionable pretenses, never told why and kept there for over two years. Seven were released without trials, still with no explanation. The play uses testimonials of the prisoners, their letters to their families and the testimonials of their families. Rumsfeld’s speeches are also included. Every word in the play (except the meta-commenter) comes directly from those involved in this nightmare.

The play recently opened in New York and tonite was the first preview in San Francisco (at Brava Theater running until April 17). While they still have some theatrical kinks to work out, the play was definitely a good reality check, a good reminder of how easy it is as an American to tune out to the human rights abuses that the government is executing in our names. The play is clearly written for a British audience, yet it is so essential as Americans to wake up and listen, listen to the actual people abused by our systems. This is especially critical as Abu Ghraib trials continue. If you’re in SF, make sure you go out and support this play and use it to think about what’s going on.

That said, i wish i knew the next step. I certainly would’ve loved it if Brava would’ve given out more information, action items, etc. Political plays need to give you a direction otherwise it’s just heart wrenching. Still, heart wrenching for a good cause.

(A story of one detainee is in the NYTimes today.)

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4 thoughts on “guantanamo: honor bound to defend freedom

  1. Jane McG

    yay, Danah, you saw this play!
    my very good friend Ramiz is in it.
    I’m just ditto-ing your sentiments… so very important for American in support of public access to and presentation of this kind of information to see this play, talk about it, keep discussion of Guantanamo going.

  2. emily

    Jane McG- I am looking for contact details of the actors from Guantanamo becasue it is research for my final paper on Tribunal/Verbatim theatre. Please could you put me in contact with Ramiz so I can ask him a few questions about what it is like to be in it.
    I hope you can help me do my bit for the fight for real justice. Thank you,
    Emily Leslie

  3. emily

    I would love to speak to Ramiz about his experience in the show. I am writing a paper on Guantanmo and other verbatim/tribunal theatre for my finals due in by Christmas. Please put me in contact with him.
    My email is or +447919035682. Keep the battle for justice alive.

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