more blog problems

Alas, my blog is once again doing weird things. Comments and trackbacks no longer get emailed to me. They also don’t rebuild the entries even though they’re there – i just have to manually update. And the front page doesn’t get updated with the numbers of comments/trackbacks. Argh. Any idea?

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4 thoughts on “more blog problems

  1. Dan

    I hate to say it, because you don’t have the free time, but you really should upgrade to wordpress. Using a tool that requires “rebuilds” and the like should be anathema to someone like you with a CS background.

  2. Dav

    You’re not doing anything fancy with plugins or whatnot on your site as far as I know; why not just transfer it to a hosted service like Typepad and let other people worry about technical glitches? Self-hosting is for people who like to deal with that crap, imo (like me).

  3. Patibee

    Hi, I am here from BUZZ. Do you have any idea whats going on with Blogger??? Nothing work here since yesterday!!! I try to post and evth but the only thing I can do is WAIT, of course, and then I need to see the “error page” =(

    I can login but thats all. Nothing else. Bloging by using Wbloggar is impossible, does not work at all.

    I know maybe you know nothing but, what a damm, at least people can ask you things and talk to YOU!!!



  4. Jay Allen

    Dan, I’m not sure whether you’re intentiionally trying to mislead or are just uninformed, but Movable Type supports *both* dynamic and static rendering of pages which gives users the ability to choose what fits them best. There are times when dynamic is not the best choice.

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