OK – i have a funny feeling that i’m supposed to be offended by this caricature of me:

But, frankly, i’m utterly amused that anyone would put me in such a silly comic that is mocking a lot of folks and issues that i know.

Of course, my first thought was that it doesn’t look like me. As Coates pointed out, i would never carry a bag like that, i don’t have a tattoo and there’s no white fuzzy hat or armbands (which i would wear with such a sleeveless dress).

And i know that i’m supposed to be ragingly pissed at the misogynistic interpretation of me, but i just can’t help but laugh. ::slapping own wrist:: Bad feminist, bad.

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15 thoughts on “caricatured

  1. Mel

    pathetically unfunny is all I can say. and that’s the thing about that kind of humour as well… it’s the last refuge of the untalented.

  2. Dav

    Those are really lousy caricatures. Is Anil supposed to be black? And despite the fact that it is kind of funny with you looking all punk-grandma, the way you’re grasping the purse brings up the whole thievery thing which combined with the racist text is just crass.

  3. Charlie O'Donnell

    So, now Anil is to cartoons as Matt Damon is to America: World Police puppets… bizzare.

    Anyway… there’s certainly a lot of humor to pull out of the blogosphere and the charactors behind it. Its too bad this person captured none of it.

  4. imageM

    Danah, while all humans seek comfort and solace in our identity, thus creating a peer group, I fund it way over-the-top amusing so many “individualists” cry out with torment that the “man” won’t let U B U. The battle cry of conformist that believes she is anarchist.

    I can’t tell you the number of “wild eyed” flaming orange hair, thrift-store chic wannabe militant {insert sexual preference one wants to be known as “lifestyle”} have come hungrily clamoring to the shared orgasmic pole of
    dissertation alternate reality wish fulfillment.

    I don’t begrudge or judge individualists. I, however, will never be impressed (as will not my lackeys and yes-men) by the army of women who dress as a gay John Lennon. I bet you argue internally daily whether to get a tattoo or piercing that would really make you stand out.

    You would get more attention on the internet posting pictures of interesting moles and blurry shadowy masturbatory imagery.

    Thus spaketh Zarathrustra.

    Please enjoy my bubbling commentary, not to let darkness occlude your inner vision.

    Jobediah Z.

  5. seth

    Sounds like your Ph.D. is an interesting inquiry. I started a xanga about a year ago and have found it to be at times both wonderful and a bother. Good luck with your work.

  6. Irina

    Charicatures are not offensive (only ones that are really badly done may be). I would be flattered :). This one merely indicates that you’ve gained a bit of notoriety and a certain amount of clout. Heh… you go girl! 🙂

  7. meta

    huh? seems like the point of that comic is not so much to be funny as to show what an insider the author is by confusing as many people as possible.

  8. Melissa Gira

    In my mind, I just removed all the gutters so I could vicariously hang out with you, Tom, and Anil at the same time.

    (Which seems to be the wishful thinking of the ‘author,’ as well.)

    What’s with the kitty-cat?


  9. Jessica

    Why don’t you capitalize certain things like your name and “i”? I’ve seen other people do this and I just don’t get it.

  10. Marc's Voice

    dAnAh is upset – again

    So it was about a year ago – that danah boyd got real upset at me for posting an image of a host of a party (we were putting on) having fun. She felt as though it wasn’t a very professional way of promoting a ‘professional’ party. I stated at the time …

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