students’ notes?

Are there any students out there who are blogging notes/reviews on the papers/books that they’re reading?

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16 thoughts on “students’ notes?

  1. badgerbag

    I’ve been doing it for all my classes for a couple of years now. I don’t always keep it up consistently though. I have been trying to persuade classmates to do group blogs, but it seems too unfamiliar, too vulnerable – and they are afraid of the prof reading it (as if they’d bother, or have time). Some profs are unnerved by lecture/seminar notes going up on the net with anything that might link back to them professionally.

    It’s been useful to me to do. I refer back to notes and readings that I wrote up a year or two ago. It’s an okay way to organize responses. A wiki would probably be better but feels less easy (though I know how to make one and post to it). The blogs are very informal. I like to think of them as being slightly more than “folders” but as letting me take a look back at what my intellectual process was over the course of a class. It is this idea of exposing intellectual process that makes me want to have class/group blogs for notes and readings. It would come out differently than using a class mailing list (something I’ve successfully implemented and that’s had great social results) and certainly would be less horrible and clunky than the widely-used bloatware which for the sake of discretion I will call “BB”. A symptom of all that is evil in central university tech departments, that BB. Ugh! Anyway, something different would happen.

  2. tpodd

    I haven’t started posting notes for individual readings but I plan to. For now I’m posting summaries in preparation for the comprehensive exams I’m taking. This Friday is Political Sociology and next Friday is Sociology of Culture.

  3. Hanna

    hey, you don’t know me, I just use your Ani lyrics site.

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  4. Sarah

    I’m blogging notes/findings on my research of blogging for my final year dissertation. It’s actually a great place to catch all my thoughts and store all my links so I can print them off next year to write it all up.

    Goffman was my launch pad. I’ve moved on a bit to McLuhan. I stumbled across your site just before Christmas and it’s encouraged me no end.

  5. Sarah

    I’m blogging as part of my research of blogging for my final year dissertation. It’s actually a handy site to store my thoughts/links/findings so when I come to write up I can print it all off.

    Goffman was my launch pad – I’ve moved a little towards McLuhan now. I found your site just before Christmas and it has really encouraged me.

  6. Bill

    Students in Pepperdine University’s MA in Educational Technology are regularly required to blog not only their reactions to reading, but their reflections on learning and the research process as well.

  7. didier

    Been doing something like that since fall of last year. It’s not as regular as I would want it to be, but it’s helped me a lot. Especially for stuff I have to come back to, to refresh my memory.

  8. Mahdi Gad

    I’m “blogging” commentaries and summaries for Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations and Merleau-Ponty’s The Phenomenology of Perception.

    Use of quotations because they’re not ready to be posted yet (getting there).

  9. Janet

    I am a graduate student of Innovation Studies at the University of Minnesota.
    I’ve been using my blog as my online portfolio for my seminars. I’ve been blogging just over one year, and I’m finding it increasingly useful.

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