Jonathan Harris

I went to a great talk today by Jonathan Harris. He demoed various aspects of his artist work, most notably the visual news reader 10×10, wordcount (a tool that would make George Carlin proud) and Understanding Vorn – a fantastic visual entrance to LiveJournal (which also reminds me of why i love Quizilla). All of these pieces connect language to images and create a really compelling mechanism for accessing information in novel ways. Fantastic interactive art, absolutely fantastic.

It sends shivers down my spine to see someone who knows how to construct visual images in a compelling manner. Damn i love that shit. Harris also made me very happy by referencing a friend of mine from Media Lab days – Golan Levin (another brilliant visual artist).

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  1. Sousveillance

    search engine art and new directions in found art and poetry

    Many of the questions about what is a poem persists. Geof Huth addresses this with his visual poetic poem that Shanna Compton blogged about. It is interesting it touches on the same themes that Danah blogs about, but for different reasons.

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