calling non-profit bloggers

Rebeccca MacKinnon:

…it would be interesting to build a public aggregator of blogs by non-profit and activist groups. Please list any you know in the comments section and I’ll start putting it together as soon as I gain critical mass.

Note: Please add them to the comment’s section of Rebecca’s blog. (Tx: joho)

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3 thoughts on “calling non-profit bloggers

  1. Wendy Woodrum

    With over 500 resources currently available, the Indigenous Peoples Resource Bank represents the largest collection of resources relevant to forest-centered hunter-gatherers of the Congo Basin available on the web today. This blog was developed in October 2006 as the result of private, independent research to promote access to public information and wider understanding of the silent humanitarian crisis which threatens the very survival of this acutely vulnerable minority population, commonly referred to as “pygmies”.

    Thematic Classification: International humanitarian affairs, indigenous peoples, human rights

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