classroom blogs/wikis?

Are you a teacher or professor? Does your class have a blog or a wiki that is used for classroom purposes? If so, can you list it in the comments or send me an email with the URL to dmb .AT. sims .DOT. berkeley .DOT. edu

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7 thoughts on “classroom blogs/wikis?

  1. Lynn

    I’m not a teacher. I’m a student at University of Technology, Sydney – aka UTS.

    I came across this blog sometime earlier in the year AP English Discussion. It’s a very interesting blog.

    And I’m wondering with Jill up above me, what you’re using them for. I’m very interested in the process of writing and how writing online helps with that. Also the whole thing of reading, thinking, responding.


    I haven’t looked at your blog for ages, last time I came by you put me onto Flickr, and I love it, so thanks! ! !

  2. alazka

    Y’know, I really wanted to, and my kids would love it, but I just encountered so much paranoia and legalism in trying to get the clearance for it that it ain’t happening.

    Here’s what we do instead: we have a website, which includes discussion forums, announcements, electronic dropbox for turning in assignments online, links lists, regular updates the kids write describing what’s going on in class, online surveys and tests, and some photoblogging. Best of all (and I can’t seem to convince any other teachers to even try this), I put my whole gradebook online, so as soon as I’ve graded something the parents and kids can see it (only their own grades, of course).

    So the overall result is a very members-only but very alive and vivid and practical and somewhat revolutionary class website. We’re a class of GT fifth graders in an affluent suburb, kids and parents all very wired and technosavvy, but still considerably constrained by administrative paranoia.

    (Oh, and I found you ‘cuz tsenft put out da word.)

  3. Albert Huang

    We used a wiki+blog for 6.893 (Pervasive, Human Centric Computing – Larry Rudolph) last spring. It’s available at and

    The wiki is in poor shape because halfway through the semester a roving computer architecture grad student stole the machine hosting the wiki, ripped out the hard disk, wiped it, and used it as a spare in his box. larry wasn’t not happy about that.

    the blog/wiki was originally meant to be a tool to facilitate student collaboration in the class, but the blog ended up more like a glorified q+a board, not unlike the brown.cs.cs* ngs we had, and the wiki became a FAQ usually modified only by me.

    The class consisted of 16 MIT undegrads/mengs and 30 students from singapore (NUS, NTU).

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