mutants and superboys

My oldest public entry on this blog is simply called mutant. Since last fall, almost 300 comments have been posted to that thread by people who want to share their mutant powers and find common friends. Their comments make me smile.

Today, i read an article about a mutant DNA gene that makes a 5-year old baby exceptionally strong. It made me think of the mutants who visit here regularly so i thought i’d share it with them. To the mutants!

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4 thoughts on “mutants and superboys

  1. tony

    Great! The kid’s superstrong! Now all I have is my multicolored tan and my inability to follow directions!

    Hopefully, the kid will get picked on for all da rear shots they keep showing of him right now, say when he’s when he’s like 18.

    Kid: “Mom, why did you let them take those Pic’s?”
    Mom: “They were cute!”
    Kid: “Great,just great! I’m shaving my head and voting for the Pelican Party!!”

  2. Zarathustra

    Just the fact that you have been able to pull off the resources needed to keep that message board up and running makes me think there are mutant powers behind this whole zephoria thing. A genetic mutation that gives you the ability to stare at a radiating screen for hours on end, maybe?

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