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  1. Amy Tallman

    Very interesting article,
    I have been studying the phenomenon of blogs for about a year now as part of an on going research of internet trends and future and it seems like blogs have finally became such a strong influence in today internet society that they indeed give an authentic real people opinion and not just a crowed version presented by the global media networks. An interesting thing I saw now in couple of television networks is
    That the blog concept has transformed itself into the television medium and there are numerous tv shows formatted in blog style giving a personal presentation of current subjects, the conversion from internet to television just shows how much blogs have captured the mainstream of life and in today multi channel television I can see this
    Phenomena just growing in the future.

  2. Nori TAKAHIRO


    several years ago, Japanese career “J-phone(=now they are Vodafone Japan)” said cellphone is “ME”-media: not “I”or”MY” media. Their advertisement with portraits of people shows cellphone develop the social network.
    indeed, blogging and social networking sometimes take us to join new relationship with new friend, that they reinforce our daily communication and relationship.

    the tools of social networking should be described as the media with the social context.

  3. joe

    Good stuff… I suppose we should publish our stuff at some point… one of the problems with current blog research is that it is difficult to ground it. When that’s coupled with sampling difficulties, you get something that just “feels weird” as a study but has big findings.

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