stealth mode: responsiveness will approach zero

There’s this amazing trend that happens. At the beginning of every semester, i come out from hiding, participate in public life, conferences, etc. I meet people. But i’m on a different cycle than other people because as soon as i meet people, finals come around again and stealth mode is on and all of those new ties fade away unless they make sense post-stealth mode.

For those who don’t realize, i made the foolishly naive mistake of thinking that i could balance 6 weeks of travel, 3 hardcore grad classes, TAing, help organize two different intellectual gatherings, etc. Social life does not exist. And much of digital life will be on pause for a bit.

From now until June, please realize that my response rate will be arbitrary at best. In fact, there’s a high probability that i won’t touch most of my email until June. I’m already too far behind to catch up. I am traveling for all of April and will be finals-ing in May (feeling the pain for my stupidity). I will not be attending social events or group gatherings, except for ASSA.

My apologies. I don’t know how to better handle this situation right now.

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3 thoughts on “stealth mode: responsiveness will approach zero

  1. Kasey

    Hey. i am addicted to your Ani site, but today when i went to it…none of the lyrics showed up. The last thing it says is…’disclaimer: most of the lyrics on this site were, at one point, transcribed from a bootle’
    I dont know if thats how it’s supposed to be, but i thought i would bring it to your attention IN CASE you didnt know. I would love for it to go back up, i sware by it…

  2. Sarah Bluehouse

    When i spoke with you recently, you said you were talking about Orkut? and you mentioned having a discussion about “how it turned out the way it did” How did it turn out?/How did it get that way? Because you know, darling, I still love your field of research.

  3. doom

    whatever. you can turn up your Kid A lyrics as much as you want on your ipod . . . nobody disappears completely.


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