through kitsch and beyond

Moose pointed me to Michelle’s personal path through kitsch and beyond in her art. There’s something really compelling about it for me… embedded in the description of her path through art is a discussion about growing up. Of course, it really helps that it starts out with an analysis of Ween because i really do adore those guys.

I know that i’m growing up. It’s a weird feeling to know that, with each breath, there’s a bit more change occurring (and a few more creases in the boyd). I mean, there has to be because all i can see is the big differences… i have to imagine that it’s a smoothed out interpolation. All the same, i find myself getting lamer. I don’t just stay out to stay out and i prefer sleep to caffeine. I no longer feel the compulsion to fit in with the freaks by actively following the social norms and i’ve stopped trying to make small talk with anyone whose initial discussion points involve drugs, sex or the music. Perhaps it’s just another shift, but it’s funny to taste the changes, to start accepting that i don’t have to be a caricature of myself. Ah, the new form of identity crisis… getting stuck in the identity that you constructed for yourself.

Of course, i still love kitsch and i still love Ween.

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