V-Day on V-Day

In my world, V-Day stands for Valentine’s Day, Vagina Day, Victory over Violence Day. To celebrate, i am in Juarez with V-Day to demand that the government investigate why over 300 women have disappeared, are still missing or have turned up murdered and violated.

Tonite, we gathered at the consulate’s home with 2 US Representatives, Jane Fonda, Eve Ensler, the newly appointed Mexican investigator into the Juarez murders, Amnesty International representatives, Carole Black (head of Lifetime). Everyone made speeches, spoke of what is to be done and prepared to spend V-Day marching on the streets of Juarez.

It’s an eerie environment… you can feel the fear. But i do have faith that what we do can work to stop the violence. I look forward to tomorrow’s efforts.

If i were to ask anything of my readers today, it would be that you support V-Day in any way that you can. If it is in your means, please donate to V-Day as we work to end violence against women and girls worldwide. Every bit helps.

Also, for those who cannot be in Juarez, turn on your TVs to Lifetime on February 17th at 10PM as Lifetime airs the new V-Day documentary of the work we’ve been doing worldwide.

Have a fantastic V-Day and work with us to envision a world without violence.

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