Milhous… memory lane

I just got an email from an old friend, hopped over to his blog and gasped. The first article: The Death of Milhous. It was like a timewarp. I immediately flashed back to standing outside the house. The foam… i remember the foam. ::laugh:: I still have the little black foam invite from that night.

There were punks and some freaks
And we bound up the stairway
Jumping and playing in the foam.
We were evicted.
October 31, 1996

And then there was the aftermath. Fighting with Res Life, squatting in the other houses, getting up to inspection, saying goodbye to Milhous and Carberry. Damn do i miss BACH. It was an adventurous time, full of joy and absurdity. For all of the insanity of those four years, i will never regret my time in the co-ops. ::sigh::

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