twitching from the internet

I spent a lovely weekend offline. While i was ecstatic to take a genuine break from my email disaster, i was quite humored to listen to friends who were less than thrilled to be offline – the twitches started early on. No wifi, no high speed, no cell phone coverage…

Then, upon going back to my email disaster, another group of friends told me about WiFi-SM. It’s a device that sends electric impulses every time the news reports on violence and anger around the world. Little reminders to make you feel the global pain.

Somehow, i suspect that my friends who twitch from being offline would love these little connections to their blog world… This would definitely be the way to create a group of SM boys…. ::giggle::

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1 thought on “twitching from the internet

  1. joe

    That has got to be a joke… I don’t think you could do such a thing in such a tiny device. I can imagine another version that injects drugs of your choice when it detects words of your choice… talk about global consciousness.

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