removing my blogroll

Blogrolls are a very interesting and key part of blogs. They create the connections between people, allow for an articulated presentation of one’s social networks. They allow for people to navigate from blog to blog to find one another. They allow other sites that track the “value” of a given blog to see who connects to who. Really, they are great for anyone interested in fashion and blogs.

But they also cause other problems. First, i had a hard time creating a blogroll. I read a lot of blogs, many of which are private or Live Journals, Diary Lands or otherwise. I also read a lot of professional blogs or the personal blogs of my professional connections. My readership is quite odd – friends, colleagues, Ani DiFranco fans, people that i don’t even know.

When i was creating my blogroll, i didn’t want to list my friends’ blogs out of respect – they aren’t asking the world to read them. Those who did participate in listing culture were public, professional. Thus, my blogroll quickly became odd – it was a collection of the professional blogs that i read and those that i felt as though i should be reading more often. Plus, there were people who asked to be on my blogroll and then there were those who were upset because they weren’t listed (even though i read their blog daily). It became weird, outdated and nowhere near representative of me.

Seeing as this is the most personal of my public blogs, i decided that there is no need to list off some strange aspect of my identity in order to feel socially appropriate. I appreciate my readers; i really do. But i’ll also be honest that i’ve been quite weirded out by how many more people read this than i imagined would. But it is public, and i have met some amazing new folks through the blog world. So very strange….

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5 thoughts on “removing my blogroll

  1. Marc Canter

    Now does that mean you don’t want to participate in the blogosphere – that you don’t respect all these folks’ opinions? Or is it that you’ll got your exclusive list of sources and inside connects that you want to keep it all to yourself?

    What possible harm could you cause by NOT listing a blogroll?

  2. zephoria

    No Marc… it means that i’m happy to participate in the blogosphere, but i felt as though putting up a blogroll was causing unnecessary problems and confusion. I respect many people’s opinions, but am dreadful at actually keeping up the articulation to even show what’s real.

    And yes, Marc, i have an exclusive list of “sources” that i want to keep to myself – that of my close friends who do not need to be read by my colleagues. I do not believe in transitive relationships. Just because my friends are my friends does not mean that they are my colleagues’ friends too. Y’all don’t have a lot in common. Thus, i do not post their blogs to the public since they are intended to be read by all of my readers.

  3. e.

    ok. so i’ve read your blog frequently and never commented, usually just heading onto the ani lyrics, that as previously stated i use in my art work.

    but i just thought i’d share lj (livejournal) address with you,,,and if you feel like reading,,,i sure could use input on lifes trials and tribulations from such and intelligent and interesting person as yourself.

    you might actually be able to understand the deeper side of this “play dyke artist” that most people just pass by.


    e. (

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