OK, i’m notorious at getting myself way too committed for my own good, but this (pointing to “right now”), this is out of hand.

Lesson for self in the future (publicly said to make it stick)… It is irresponsible to try to work for a non-profit, a startup and be a graduate student simulantaneously. Plus do my research and write a paper. Plus think that i can also plan for Burning Man. [And we’ll ignore the fact that i also tried to move, help run a conference, and speak at a conference in the same 2 month period as trying to juggle all of the above.]

I’ve never been so far behind on my email. And i’ve been non-existent to my friends, my family and my health. ::sigh::


So stepping back from my own whirlwind, San Francisco terrifies me. There are too many interesting people, interesting projects and interesting things going on to be able to juggle everything that i would like to do. To make matters worse, people have a whole different concept of commitment out here that drives me batty.

Normally, when i commit to something, i commit to it fully. When i overcommit, i flake on the social and personal parts of my life (not always the best move). But when i promise something will get done, i hate it when i can’t come through.

In San Francisco, people seem to overcommit naturally, yet they have no qualms about flaking on commitments. So weird.

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1 thought on “over-commitment

  1. Jen

    This San Franciscian hopes you’ll find time to visit with her after Burning Man and school has started . . . 😉

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