vagina shock

Living in San Francisco, i don’t meet people these days who are easily shocked. Much to my surprising enjoyment, i had a long meeting with a SF Republican (yes, they do exist). At the end of discussing business, he turned to me with a curious eye, pointed to my necklace and said “What’s the V stand for?” “Vagina.” “Oh.” (as blood rapidly rushed to his face and i remained stoic as though i said nothing surprising).

Such interactions continue to give me great joy.

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1 thought on “vagina shock

  1. Lauren

    i was just searching around your ani lyrics and decided to read farther. . . and i’m stuck; i know i will be checking back b/c not only do i love the way you think, but the way you write it down makes it that much more. i like this entry in particular, b/c not only was it the first one i read, but b/c i always wear a rainbow pride pin on my vest at work, and i love when people ask me about it and just making them think. . . 🙂 i just tell them it’s a pride pin and i support the people who are brave and secure enough to go after what they want, do what they love, and make themselves happy. and people look at me like, “oh, that would make sense, wouldn’t it?”. . . hmmmm. anybeans, i love it, keep it up.

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