fall of the media lab

So, if you know me, you probably know that i was pretty much miserable at the Media Lab, for a *lot* of reasons. In fact, my experience in Boston made me a bitter and angry person and brought out some of the worst characteristics in my personality. I would love to just erase those two years from my history, but i’m still struggling with the consequences from the mistakes and anger induced.

While i made my own mistakes there, i have to say that it makes me with glee when many of my woes are validated. I hate to see others in misery, but i do love to remember that i wasn’t the only one who was disturbed by the culture there. Even better, i love when the media reminds me that that place was pretty messed up.

Wired: The Lab That Fell To Earth
Boston Globe: Reinventing the Media Lab

These reminders let me take a deep breath of San Franciscan air and remember why the world is just so much better with sun.

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2 thoughts on “fall of the media lab

  1. mike

    i read the wired article – was mainly familiar witht he lab from negroponte’s being digital and other writings – it seems (as an outsider) to be an old story – yesterday’s young lions turn into today’s dinosaurs – again, this is solely based on what i read. what was your experience?

  2. visitor

    I have been there. The article “The Lab That Fell To Earth” of Wired is full of prejudice and wrong information. If you get rid of the author’s “comment”, there is not much things. And if you look into the “facts”, much seemly based on quotes from professors. The “quotes” are actually wrongly interpreted by the author to mislead people. If you are used to read political articles which blacken their opponents, you know what I mean. I just don’t know why the author would write such an article? What’s the motivation?

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