anti-SUV ads

The Detroit Project has developed a series of TV ads aimed at SUV drivers, reminding them how they are supporting the terrorists. Based on the anti-drug ads, these pieces are just poignant reminders of how the public just doesn’t get it. And, of course, there are plenty of TV stations refusing to air them.

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2 thoughts on “anti-SUV ads

  1. ronen

    last week i happened to read something that makes an interesting analysis:
    even if cars are more efficient, we’ll still buy most of our oil from the
    middle east, since they can produce it more efficiently than others, and
    offer it more cheaply. in fact, if we seriously cut down usage and depress
    the world market and lower prices, the non-middle-east oil will have
    trouble competing and the middle east would end up with a larger market
    share. so increasing fuel efficiency is a good idea for environmental
    reasons, but not necessarily for anti-middle-east-terrorism.

    this makes me think that maybe it would be better more effective to reprise
    a different jingoistic ad campaign — remember “buy american”? i think it
    could go something like this:

    “don’t support middle east terrorists–buy american oil. drilled in alaska.”

    that ought to go over well with environmentalists! 🙂

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