U.N. upholds “dwarf throwing” ban

Since that last one was a bit serious, i thought i’d throw in an entry just for fun.

U.N. upholds “dwarf throwing” ban. A tiny stuntman who protested against a French ban on the bizarre practice of “dwarf throwing” has lost his case before a U.N. human rights body which said the need to protect human dignity was paramount.

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1 thought on “U.N. upholds “dwarf throwing” ban

  1. zimboo jumblapinger

    thats stupid!!!human dignity!! hahaha so is a person who volunteers for the charaties liable to protest about them not getting paid when they knew they were not going to in the first place? coz thats what your on about, a dwarf would know what they r getting them self into when they let themself into it they wouldnt do it if they didnt want to!!! u dont want to do it , good for u. and u call yourself a stunt man

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