please explain

I need an explanation on this one… what did i do recently? Normally, i go about my day, kinda ignored by people that i pass on the street, minding all of our own business, la la la… it is Boston afterall. But in the last week, something changed and i keep getting noticed. I was walking down Highland at noon and some guy stopped to ask me what time the T closed and after looking at him oddly, he went into a soliloquy about how he was from Georgia and … Weird pickup line. Which i shrugged off. And then, an hour later, a guy decided to pick me up on the lawn of the Media Lab by telling me about his work with 802.11 after he realized that i knew what the protocols meant, of course getting closer and closer with every statement. Ok, it was a weird day so i looked at my clothing (typically hippie, non-descript, hair a wreck, writing up my arms as i was deep in thought). Strange. But it kept happening – the waiter at Denny’s wanted me to go out with him, i got smiles outta people’s cars, etc. And i’m still at a loss – is it the orange hair? Did my phermones change with this new round of medication? Why have i gone from non-descript to being noticed in under a week? And shit, i still don’t know how to respond to pick-up lines…

Hmm.. or should i just explain it by this week’s Village Voice horoscope?
Life is totally unfair, and you will soon be living proof of that, Sagittarius-in reverse, that is! Wild cards and X factors will fall at your feet, in your lap, and on your head. You’re likely to attract a kind of extravagant, unpredictable luck that will almost make no sense. You’ll have such incisive intuition and impeccable timing that it may almost seem as if there’s a cosmic conspiracy working behind the scenes to make you happy and fulfilled. The only potential downside is that envious people may accuse you of having an unnatural advantage or reaping more than your rightful share. Fortunately, your charm levels will be so high that you can probably disarm their resentment.

Personally, i still believe that the only horoscope that i can listen to is The Onion’s:
The race does not always go to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but the job of lead singer always goes to the guy with the best hair.

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