i despise modern medicine; oh let me count the ways.

i decided to listen to others’ advice and seek out medical help for the blasting pain that i was feeling in my abdomin. for the umpteenth time in my medical career, i walked out of the hospital 14 hours later with thousands of dollars in debt and a kind diagnosis of “unknown cause”. i am ok with systematically being able to stump computer programmers as i crash their software, but i am not ok with constantly being able to stump the medical system. how about the time that i threw up continually for two days? or when i used to pass out randomly? unexplainable causes, immense tests, no success. irritating.

i thought that i had this one down pat. hell, i had every classic symptom of ovarian cysts – locational pain, bloating, nausea, hot/cold rushes, pain during penetration (including by me with my fingers). the pain had evolved over the last 6 weeks; i had my period twice; numbness had evolved in my legs and my bladder felt so much pressure that it always wanted to pee. school put me on UTI medication but that did nothing (not like i had the secondary characteristics for that anyhow). at the ER, had tons of different doctors, surgeons, nurses feel around my belly, put pressure on things, notice the bloating. in the internal examine, the doc said things felt peculiar and that there was definitely swelling. anal probes suggested that it was not a problem there. appendicitis specialists said it didn’t seem like that. ultrasound showed slight cysts on the other side, but non-related and _nothing_ on the right side. wtf? it would be one thing if i was imagining my symptoms all by myself but the doc noticed some of them. where do you go with this? what’s the next step?

i’m in pain, can’t walk comfortably, am unable to laugh without pain or otherwise cramp my muscles. but, the hospital couldn’t see anything wrong. so they discharged me with “unknown cause.” can’t wait to get the bill for this one, reminding me once again that there’s no point in seeking medical help.

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