somehow, in the last few years, i have started to take a lot of things way too seriously. i used to be able to laugh at jokes, and i was always sent at least 1 blonde joke a week and a whole slew of other things. somehow, i have lost that sense of humor through analyzing the way in which a joke works.

jokes are not powerful because they are untrue. they are powerful because they rely on stereotypes which are also not entirely inaccurate. they become a way of perpetuating stereotypes in a negative form. how many times are feminists told to lighten up and just deal? sexist jokes are so common and they hurt because the humor depends on everyone agreeing on social standards. i can laugh about it, but it really does sting in so many odd ways. i am not sure if i should “just get over it” because i don’t know how i feel about acquiring a sense of humor that relies on putting others down.. weird weird weird.

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