i really hate when i read psychology theory and agree with it.

phase one of grief recovery:
– avoidance (shock, denial, disbelief)
phase two of grief recovery:
– confrontation (anger, depression)
phase three of grief recovery
– reconstruction (acceptance and understanding)

i, for one, am definitely on stage two, angry and pissed, furious. i feel as though i have lost all trust in the person that i have trusted 100% for four years and this is unbelievable to me. i am just in so much pain. problem is that i really don’t like the same people’s advice on recovery:

– Ventilate-You need to ventilate your grief.
– Validate-You need someone to validate your grief.
– Vocalize-You need someone to listen as you vocalize your grief.
– Normalize
– but do not ยท Minimize your grief. You need people who understand you. Perhaps it is at this time that you may wish to seek out a support group.

i guess the hard part is that i don’t have that support network. erk. this sucks. and the damn people from the clinic did not call back.

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