8 thoughts on “from blog to comic

  1. Nicolas Lassus

    Turning blog posts into comic strips! Now that’s a great idea… and really well executed! And really good blog post… my wrist still hurts from filling in a tax form two weeks ago…. :oS … progress?!

  2. Sky (Jim Schuyler)

    I practically fell on the floor laughing – or actually perhaps it was that I had to pick up a pen earlier *today* and write something longhand and my arm muscles were still in spasm tonight. How true it is. I had forgotten how to write. (Haven’t written longhand since maybe 1985?) I found my first reaction today was that my hand was shaking when I tried to write. Shaking? Yes, I think it was. Then I muttered “calm down” and I began to write slowly, like a third-grader would. And finally I emitted a perfect replica of the handwriting chart that was always displayed above the blackboard in 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade (white chalkboard lettering on green background). And *I could actually still write*.

    (And then I had a flashback to writing “graffiti” on a Palm – but that’s dead and gone, so thank the gods I can forget garffiti…)

    Fell on the floor laughing. I never thought this would happen. I can type 90wpm, but I can’t write longhand any more. The times they are a changin’.

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