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enough already!

Last night, I turned off NPR in a state of complete disgust. It wasn’t just the ongoing hellish pledge drive that drives me away from NPR for months at a time. (I _want_ to give to NPR, but the pledge drives tend to make me turn my back on NPR instead.) No, it was the framing of the election results. It was the way the story has been and continues to be framed. And it wasn’t just NPR, but Fox News, CNN, and NYTimes have all made me blazingly angry this week. And it wasn’t just about winners or losers, but about how the story is framed dramatically to get people to tune in.

I was really excited about this election. A variety of factors in my life motivated me to get really engaged, to research candidates, to persuade other people into engaging. I started reading and watching MSM again rather than waiting for it to be filtered through Stewart/Colbert or the blogosphere. But in doing so, I watched an ugly pattern emerge. The moment that one candidate was seen as pulling ahead, MSM started dredging up crap on them… or creating stories from nothing. My favorite story was the one the NYTimes wrote on how they couldn’t find anyone to prove for certain that Obama did drugs. They published this the night before Virginia/Maryland/DC. The last two weeks, the NYTimes has done some of the worst reporting possible. The whole McCain story made me really sympathize with him personally (even though, politically, he scares the shit out of me). And then this week, they started reporting on how people are saying Clinton should step down if Obama wins in Texas and Ohio. Both of these articles seemed set up to do one thing: keep the election cycle going by amplifying the competition by any means necessary, but primarily by making the front-runner look dreadful.

I’m disgusted. In the back of my mind, I’ve always known that MSM is all about creating drama to sell more papers. As an infrastructure, MSM are not really partisan (although individuals are)… it’s that the infrastructure of MSM feeds off of people being engaged. And there’s nothing more emotionally engaging (and exhausting) than conflict and fear mongering. The MSM doesn’t create an accurate picture of what’s going on because the Corporation behind the MSM doesn’t feel a responsibility to, even if individual reporters are well-intentioned. Journalists, by and large, are extremely well-intentioned but they’re caught up in a system. They are pressured to write stories that create conflict and while senior folks can step back and take a higher stance, they can’t become senior if they don’t meet the needs of the Corporation for a while. Uphold hegemony and then maybe you get some wiggle room… but by then, you are the institution. Besides, even if you want to speak truth to power, good luck – your article is not likely to sell well or be widely read.

Many journalists are idealists. But they aren’t independent and what’s “newsworthy” is inevitably what’s dramatic. Whatever stance they take on those dramatic incidents, their small part of the pie feeds into a much larger structure whose incentives are to keep the wheels turning.

I’ve been avoiding reporters a lot lately. They always tell me that I should talk to them “to tell the other side.” But we both know that’s not what really happens. They use me to tell the story that they need to tell but they have to at least give nods to “the other side” for appearances. There’s no story in reality. Reality is boring. It’s not made for 24/7 news. Fear sells. Conflict sells. Making someone else’s life miserable sells. Reality doesn’t. The incentives are all screwed up and it’s just downright disgusting.

People always ask me what it will take to get teens to listen to news. Why should they? What do they gain by being sent on an information roller-coaster for the news industry to turn a buck? Does consuming news really make you more informed or ready to engage? Have you watched MSM on TV lately?

The more I try to engage, the more my passion and desire to make change is destroyed. Years ago, after a different egregious move by the NYTimes, I cancelled my subscription. I can’t cancel it again, but I would if I could. More than anything, what I’m realizing is that I need to check out of the news again. It doesn’t make me more well-informed; it simply makes me more angry and depressed. It’s good timing… one less thing I can do while procrastinating writing.

As for the election, I’ve become pretty apathetic once again. At this point, I don’t care. No matter what, I don’t think that it will be fair or representative or in the best interests of the people. Everyone likes to complain about how the candidates don’t give real opinions, but we all know the reason why they don’t: the media would destroy them. Paying attention to their efforts to dance cautiously with the media gets me nowhere. There’s no way to know the candidates, no way to actually get a sense of how they will navigate the nasty waters of the media, industry lobbyists, political pressures, and really complicated decisions. It’s all guess work so all we do is vote on charisma and guesswork about who will handle which parts of the puzzle best. I still believe in Obama, but I’ve lost faith in the system. All I know is that come November, I will vote against the Republican party. McCain is only one small fraction of that party and actually the least of my concerns. I want that whole corrupting, demeaning, destructive party out of control now. I wish I could say that I would be voting for the Democrats, but I’m not sure that’s true. I just don’t think that they’ll screw it up as badly. And the fact that at the end of the day I resort to that logic is depressing.

I wish I could find the energy to care, but I’ve completely lost it once again. I really had hope. I was so excited to see so many people energized and believing that they could make change by engaging. I was really excited to see conversations occur that were not previously occurring. But things have gone stale and at the end of the day, I realize that the media and other powerful people are once again controlling the election. And it’s hard to sustain hope when that’s what plays out.

In the meantime, I wonder if it’s possible to change the incentive structure around MSM? (And no, I don’t think that bloggers are the answer.)

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24 comments to enough already!

  • The problem is, I don’t think that even if there were an alternative incentive structure that it would catch on, because the current MSM would crush it. I hate to be such a negative nancy, but the current MSM system is in place to perpetuate power for the people who have it. And that’s what sucks, is that for all the rhetoric about change that I keep hearing from people in the Democratic party, it’s just that, rhetoric. Black, white, male, female, or otherwise, they’re part of this machine where people who get big get bought up and out. The media is merely another device for orchestrating this stranglehold the powerful have on the public.

    What’s really bothersome to me is the narrative surrounding Ron Paul’s bid at the Republican nomination…talk about the fearsome internet! But perhaps the most disheartening thing about it is how it was harnessed by a guy who is a lunatic: blatantly racist, homophobic, etc. And because he mobilized a base via the internet, I know a bunch of kids who voted for him in my state’s primary. Wack!

  • I like the idea of designing an incentive structure that would draw people away from the MSM and towards better news sources. What form would it take? Would it have inherent rewards (“I do web design work because I find it enjoyable”) or externally applied rewards (“I do web design work because I’m paid to do it”)? The latter is obviously more fragile, but it would be a start.

  • The Boston Globe has always really been a significant presence during political campaign seasons in terms of really big, in depth portraits of candidates, which are simply fantastic. The ones on Romney, for example, were fascinating to read. Those are great, less newsy. I find the Boston Globe and local Newton Tab do a pretty good job doing local reporting, and regional for Boston Globe. Happy on that front. I read the Boston alternatives–Weekly Dig, Boston Phoenix. They’re great.

    I used to read ~20+ newspapers a day, in terms of sorting headlines and then picking things to read. I thought it would give me a really good, balanced intake of information but it turned out that for too much of it the noise was too much.

    On the McCain count, I have to say that the Press corps IMO is really giving him an easy time and quite literally ignoring facts and history in order to keep telling their message–of mccain the maverick, etc–rather than really reporting the story. That can happen on the other side, too.

    Anyway, there are some really great reporters out there, and MSM still does do a lot of good… but TV is simply the most appalling and disgusting thing. The saddest part is when I watch other people watching, say, Cable “News” Network (Fox there is not even a question here, but) and they are parsing whatever the talking heads are telling them, and I point out how completely absurd the claims are and how biased or skewed to promote a sensationalist view of things… and people are just so, so surprised because they don’t have or don’t allocate the time to informing themselves some other way.

    Incentive structures towards more atomized news structures would mean that some of the important work that the MSM does, deep investigative long-term journalism, might not have the same financial support… hrm. No time to write more now, have to do midterms! :( Sorry that you’ve lost such faith in things…

  • You’re so right in the sense that election season can get so nasty and stale that reasonable people want to withdrawal until the process is over. I think many of us share this sentiment, but we have to hold on and hang in there. The process and the candidates are far from perfect, but if we don’t stay engaged and advocate for accuracy and respect throughout the election season, consider who will be left to fill in for our silence.

    Amid a messy process, one of my colleagues, Amy Looper, had a beautiful, organic experience at the Texas hybrid primary/caucus last Tuesday. (blogged about here
    I think we have to refocus ourselves in the fact that voting IS our chance to be heard and the outcome of the election is important enough for us all to stick out the campaigns.

  • Bruno Tyndall

    I also can’t stand it the way the MSM builds up the candidate that is in trouble. They have this perverse desire to keep the race close.

  • Larry

    March 05, 2008
    Enough Already!

    (AKA: Coming of Age in Samoa/Cal)

    I was really excited about this election. “Naivete, ouch!”

    As for the election, I’ve become pretty apathetic once again. At this point, I don’t care. “Individuation occurring!!”

    I wish I could find the energy to care, but I’ve completely lost it. I realize that the media and other powerful people are once again controlling the election. “Reality shines in!”

    Dick Cheney

  • jim

    Visual media need a narrative arc to hang their pictures on (and moving pictures are, first and foremost, pictures). Jonas Mekas’s drive for non-narrative cinema got absolutely nowhere. So TV invents a narrative arc, even where none is present. All TV aspires to the condition of soap opera. If they can do it to professional wrestling, they can certainly do it to elections.

    Other media, even electronic media, emulate TV. TV is clearly the most successful medium invented to date. You want to be successful, reach people: copy TV. I don’t know how to subvert this structure.

  • Congratulations, you have just played through precisely what those who construct power relations for their own benefit want you to play through. You were engaged – that is dangerous for those in power. You then were subjected to the ridiculous machinations of a corporate media machine that frames democracy as a spectator sport, and reports it as such. One candidate is pulling ahead? “Leak” a story that closes the gap to make it more exciting. Add all sorts of shiny whiz-bang graphics and technology to make what is essentially a boring event – vote counting for the fifth or tenth time – into something akin to the Superbowl (hmmm…. have to rethink that comparison vis-a-vis boring events). All of this to serve one objective – drive those who would otherwise be sufficiently engaged to probe into the constructs of public sphere power (and cynical power at that) back into their relative apathy, who may vote against the worse of two evils, or not at all, and be easily distracted from pressing issues of the day by yet another kidnapping, murder, or other sensational story. (Not to say that you, specifically, would be subject to these distractions, but the otherwise engaged public in general.)

    There are, actually, some tremendously exciting things happening around the Obama campaign with respect to the way that campaign is using collaborative construction of identity for the candidate, and strong engagement via social networking constructs. The MSM doesn’t even know where to look to find them, and many who might otherwise raise the issue are afraid of being linked to the seminal, but fatally flawed by the candidate, Howard Dean experience. I do not necessarily believe that a potential Obama administration will be the first to create a presidential blog or White House Wiki, but a sensibility of collaborative engagement is a good first step.

    Sustaining hope and maintaining engagement is an active process that takes work, especially in the face of those actants that would otherwise crush hope in favour of the status quo of concentrated control. Give up, lose hope, and the powerful wi… nope… not going to give them the satisfaction of even that cliche!

  • Max Erickson

    I watch the Daily Show because if provides information in a context I enjoy. I don’t have any illusions that watching makes me well informed. It wouldn’t shock me if people watched Fox News for the same exact reason, with the same understanding about its ability to inform them, so I’m not sure that the MSM-viewer relationship is as one sided as you are suggesting(or so far distant from Stewart and Colbert).

    Even if the power context is the proper one, what is used to establish that media corporations are responsible? I don’t think the public good provisions in various broadcast licenses really count all that much, they don’t apply to enough of what you are calling MSM. In the absence of a strong reason, the apathy(which seems to be the issue…) can be used as an explanation for the abdication of the responsibility by the masses just as easily as it can be used as a symptom of the MSM failing to live up to the responsibility.

    Lacking an exterior motivator for responsibility, the best argument for requiring it of the media is that we are exchanging our attention for it. In that context, the best explanation for the creation of drama is that it sells more papers than responsible reporting, and it’s hard to blame the media for that. Even given some exterior motivator, changing the incentive structure for the media ultimately means convincing all the people that are buying drama to opt for responsibility.

  • Regarding your thoughts on NPR — I’m surprised they haven’t kept up with the times.

    Surely there is a digital solution that would give donating members uninterrupted access, while non-paying listeners would have to endure the pledge drives.

  • I found this post interesting because I’ve been annoyed at almost exactly the opposite trend: the mainstream media’s willingness to hitch their waggon to whatever candidate they can argue is “ahead” or has “momentum.”

    Hillary got this “presumed front runner” boost for a long time. Then Obama had it. Now, I think they’re giving it back to Clinton, because the way they’ve reported the March 4 primary is that Clinton had a huge, surging victory– which is just not true. Less than half of the Texas caucus votes have been reported, and Obama is so far leading Hillary in the caucus by far more than he lost to her in the primary. Statistically, it’s still possible that Obama will win more Texas delegates than Clinton. If that ends up happening, really, the day was sort of a wash, rather than a sweeping victory for Clinton.

    But the MSM needs something simple and ready at the start of the next news cycle. So they report “Clinton wins primaries in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island,” which is accurate, but misleadingly phrased. The fact that the Texas caucus is STILL only reporting 41%, two days later, is too confusing, so we just put it in the win column.

    I’ve seen repeated examples of this throughout the campaign, benefiting each of them at different times. But it frustrates me to no end. People actually take this manufactured “momentum” on one side or another into account when they decide whether to vote or who to vote for. It’s just irresponsible, it undermines democracy, and many people don’t seem to notice it going on.

  • Hi Danah, :-)

    Well put!

    Kidding. I am sorry to hear that you feel depressed. It is not that the feeling is useless, it is useful, but it is tiring and, well, sad!

    There are reasons why things are the way they are and you help me figure out some of these reasons and for that I am grateful.

    So. Keep the good work. None of the power people that rule the world really care about what you have to say. But I do. And I think a lot of other people do. And together we have hope, we are Hope, and whatever the ending, we will watch and question and sometimes resist or even fight, as you do.

  • Don’t give up!

    Having served my time in MSM some years ago and since then in public relations, I agree what you say about MSM is true. At the individual level, it’s not so much the “pressure” to sell papers as it is the DNA of journalists to cast their work as drama, and to compete with other journalists for the best story of the day. Whether the media is commercial or non-commercial makes no difference.

    Your engagement and that of thousands of other social media commentators does make a difference. You and they are moving the unwashed heard from consumer-citizenship passivity to something more active.

    The conversations are occurring, but they are not taking place in the MSM. Yea, the power elites are still at the tiller, but they can’t steer the ship against the current of the people.

    Keep up the good stuff!

  • Tex

    I used to rollercoaster on this reaction frequently myself. Lately, I’ve come to decide that I can’t expect change to come from others – in other words, I can’t change the system or do things that will mold it to my ideal. For that matter, I’ve rather started to question whether that is wise at all. For what is the system doing, after all, but trying to mold me into its image? I’ve decided that if its wrong for others to do that to me, it would likewise be wrong for me to do that to them, no matter that I’m the “underdog” or I suspect I’m the one who’s “right.”

    But there are alternatives to fighting or fleeing. The options are not binary, not merely anger or acquiescence. Personally, I’m doing my best right now to work on changing myself to meet my new understanding. To actually do the things I say one ought to do, even as I fight myself to keep from expecting others to do the same. If those ideas are worth anything, if I can stand up straight enough, perhaps one or two people will take notice and implement the change within themselves. But if not, at least I’ll be doing what I think is right. That’s really all I can ask. It’s not defeat, so much as a refusal to play a game that turns everyone into losers. If enough people quit playing, make up their own games, then that might actually mean something.

    Don’t give up. Invent new rules.

  • You are so dead on about MSM. So many individuals want to live up to their deeply held, lofty ideals of journalism and simply cannot in an infrastructure that demands simple, drama-laden memes to deliver information … and, frankly, an audience that sucks it up willingly.

    As profit margins continue to diminish (even though companies still make good money) expect more and worse. Conscientious MSM reporters and editors will find themselves increasingly marginalized as media outlets ratchet up the “conflict and fear-mongering” to bolster flagging sales/viewers. MSM will become more shrill and make more tenuous connections.

    Many good journalists have left the field altogether, many more just keep their heads down and try to maintain some level of personal integrity whilst keeping a paycheck. Some days it’s hard to go to work.

    Sooner or later, though, a new way of doing things will evolve. Bloggers and those who think and read and comment will play a big role, I believe, in tipping the balance. When audiences demand more, when they refuse to pay for/buy into MSM bullshit, something better will emerge. It’s already happening. Take a breather, but don’t give up.

    Tex’s observation is brilliant: It’s not defeat, so much as a refusal to play a game that turns everyone into losers.

  • I think it’s good that, at the very least, more and more people are realizing that MSM is ~constructed~ by fallible people, and doesn’t exist in some vacuum of perfection and objectivity. The myth of “The Liberal Media” is what I’m talking about. Whether or not that’s true, it seems important that a large part of the country is engaging in critical analysis of the news. I also think it’s positive that a lot of online newspapers now allow commenting on stories

  • Alexis

    Sorry, my brilliant sentence isn’t written clearly. Taken out of context it can mean two different things.

    More clearly:

    The stance I’ve chosen is not defeat so much as it is a refusal to play a game that turns everyone into losers.

  • Alexis from Texas

    Well, fuck. Wrong username. Sigh. Who needed anonymity, anyway?

  • The relationship between media and politics, and how politics has basicalyy become a staged theater play, has been described by the Brussels-based sociologist Mark Elchardus in a (Dutch-language) book with the lovely name “Dramademocratie”, “Drama Democracy”.

  • That was a really good try at giving up hope. Too bad you blew it in the last paragraph. ;)

    I think there are some people who have to hope and strive and dream of a better world. No matter how painful it is sometimes. There’s not a lot of choice in the matter. If you are one of them, be glad, because there’s not a lot of them around.

    But you know, I think you may be overstating how much the MSM has dominated things. If there has been one constant in this primary season, it is that the voters have defied expectations at every turn. The Obama candidacy is just one part of that — look at the implosion of Romney and Giuliani. We might be witnessing the growing *irrelevance* of the MSM. Maybe the voters, or at least some of them, are finally breaking free. And I’m pretty sure that online communications and social networking has had a lot to do with this. Even voters who don’t get their news online are indirectly affected by online discourse, fundraising, and organizing.

  • michael

    wonder if you have read Seeing. about casting blank votes.,,1754195,00.html

    thanks for the post. It helped me understand a colleague at an organization that I work at that promotes youth engagement in politics (not a US org). She is super political but purposefully abstains from reading the newspapers.

    A woman who is native just joined our board and her questions were about whether encouraging her community(ies) to get politically engaged had to take the form of encouraging them to vote.

    Darin Barney is doing interesting writing on these questions sp. in relation to technology and media. There’s a relevant excerpt here:

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    Don’t be surprised if favored redwhite&blue turns out to be the Anti-Christ and leads the Fourth Reich, fulfilling this positioning and proving to the world the destructive nature of this economic system. This may not be exactly how their script reads, but the god’s have a BIG SURPRISE like this to spring on the disfavored, and it will contain an insult like this as a clue NOT to watch this theater::::::Expect they will fulfill some contrived positioning foreshadowed in WorldWarII:::Some American plays the role of hero and emerges as the Second Coming of Christ for this final scene.
    Who will it be? Italian? Look for at least the mother to be Italian, consistant with matrilineal descent, allowing the New Roman Empire to claim the Second Coming of Christ. It’s all just theater. The gods don’t admit any of this because people woudl freak, especially as we approached the big day.

    People may say “How can they poisiton favored redwhite&blue in as the Anti-Christ?” It may be consideration. Don’t forget:::They prey on enemies of the Roman Empire out of respect for their Manifest Destiny superiors.
    The gods positioning the Italians gave it to him for his loyalty. They gave it to him for his efforts to defeat alternate technologies/energy sources, ensuring the people would be delivered to the point of desperation.
    It’s all theater. The gods position it that the New Roman Empire is dooling out the “big prizes”, and Anti-Christ is a big role. Likely the gods position it as it buys him immortality in the context of this absentee-Christian god positioning. The “help” of this “back hand” is the gods positioned that he needs this to achieve immortality because of all the evil he engaged in during the course of his life, building his organizational empire.

    There is a issue with timing and the beginning of construction of disfavored redwhite&blue’s center, one where this company looks bad.
    I personally believe the favored redwhite&blue is the element of favor necessary for my failure, for if it were just the disfavored redwhite&blue involved the gods would have let them fry and we would have had a full-blown prophet event, one where our “absentee Christian god” emerged and revealed themselves.
    In addition favored redwhite&blue had to maintain appearances. Disfavored redwhite&blue is Italian and was VERY involved in the 20th century’s ugliness.
    My life was destroyed becuase the gods had to create unrespecability in the context of positioning. Evident by their easily-discovered evil, disfavored redwhite&blue wouldn’t have cared if I was respectable or not, for they were involved in great evil against the respectable.
    Favored redwhite&blue is why I am fat. Favored redwhite&blue is why I was sedintary, for if I were respectable the gods wouldn’t have been able to position favored redwhite&blue into the Situation. Because of their ethnicity they get the priveledge of looking good. This is one reason why they got that prior knowledge and constructed their center before the Situaiton began::::Favored redwhite&blue is the TRUE Enforcer.
    Incidentally, in the course of this Situation the gods made many movies, using daily events in my life as inspiration. One of note:::Unhappy about the god’s behavior in the context of this event, while in favored redwhite&blue’s facility I looked at their mascot and flippantly declared::::”Why don’t you make a movie about these things?” Two years later ____ came out.
    They won’t admit this because favored redwhite&blue has to maintain their reputation based on integrity, any creative claims countering this truth were attemtpts to protect this, for this movie was unseemly and was very telling about the direction the gods were taking the people.
    And, as an added bonus they had their scapegoat without actually compensating him!!! Welcome to the pathology of the gods.
    In case you are still interested in the god’s Planet Earth theater, favored redwhite&blue is a MAJOR player, and their favor is significant to justify not only the destruction of my life but the destruction of the Final Prophet and Planet Earth as well::::
    Favored redwhite&blue is the true enemy of the people. I suspect consistant with this they are positioned responsible for the environmental deterioration that the repression of alternate technologies has wrought.
    The gods put their positioning into place and then enforce it:::Christianity, Manifest Destiny, Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis, 1906’s New Roman Empire. I suspect World War II’s Nazi ideals of “Aryan superrace” is another example of the gods getting their tools into place for the theater that will be the Apocalypse.
    Because of their status as enemies of the New Roman Empire the germans are going to be positioned as the destructors, similar to how they were portrayed in World War II.
    Don’t be surprised if favored redwhite&blue turns out to be the Anti-Christ and leads the Fourth Reich, fulfilling this positioning and proving to the world the destructive nature of this economic system. This may not be exactly how their script reads, but the god’s have a BIG SURPRISE like this to spring on the disfavored, and it will contain an insult like this as a clue NOT to watch this theater::::::Expect they will fulfill some contrived positioning foreshadowed in WorldWarII:::Some American plays the role of hero and emerges as the Second Coming of Christ for this final scene.
    Who will it be? Italian? Look for at least the mother to be Italian, consistant with matrilineal descent, allowing the New Roman Empire to claim the Second Coming of Christ.

    This entire event was something special, and consistant with segmentation they lied to different disfavored based on their chances :::Saved or The Damned.
    To The Damned I am an enemy of the Roman Empire, someone to be destroyed and used, and if the disfavored found that acceptable it worsened their lot, costed them hope and was a clue any recovery would be a very tough road to hoe.
    The saved saw other clues, boss, natural calamities, and it gave rise to me as a possible historical figure. The gods offered clues that neither “savior” nor “new king of Earth” was possible, for Christianity positioning is going to be fulfilled and Earth has to die.
    I don’t think we were ever talking about Second Coming of Christ in public circles, for this would have implied The End and that would have compelled people to freak. But in the context of private positioning, perhaps to clone hosts in The Beast, certainly to me, there may have been some connection::::
    Jesus of course was Jew, and they positioned this was a competition, reasoning “Since the Jews got Jesus they get this too.”, and that’s why I was hired by the Jew. Expect this was a way to enhance the theater among the disfavored.
    So positioning states by delivering me to these New Roman Empire monsters they knew I’d get fucked, and in the process forfeit this historical role, to the Jews, perhaps an Italian, for Italians granted “charity wealth” to Jews for planning/implimenting WWII and the Holocaust.
    In light of this “New Roman Empire”, since Christianity’s HQ is in Rome expect the Italians played some part in this historical, religious context.
    They suggested this event may already may have happened. If so this was the FAKE battle of good and evil, FAKE battle between the Second Coming of Christ and the Anti-Christ. They suggest the phoniness about it which was communicated to the disfavored telepathically was a clue. Ironically, this Situation is the REAL battle of good and evil, me vs. the gods.
    When the REAL battle of the Second Coming of Christ and Anti-Christ occurrs it will be theater, a staged event, and the Second Coming of Christ will “lead out” a pre-selected group, all of whom sign on to the god’s Christianity positioning, ironically incurring evil by participating and limiting their time in the process.
    Italians:::”(We’re all that. We deserve Second Coming.)” And they’re going to get it.
    The Boot will fuck you yet again::::People know Jesus isn’t the son of god, yet this is what the Bible dictates as requirement to be saved.
    Those whom the Second Coming will “lead out” will be a pre-selected group. But the “hangers on”, people who think they will be included by claiming to be believers will be disappointed. They will be mislead, left behind, The Boot’s final victims on Planet Earth.
    This is unimportant, irrelevant, because much like the creation of the perception of “savior” around Jesus to distract from his original purpose the gods used their tools to create this theater around me to prevent the disfavored from learning what I teach:::The Boot has fucked the disfavored twice, once when they ruined life in the 20th century, again when they were used to CHEAT you out of the Final Prophet.
    The gods use their tools to impliment their script then punish them for falling for temptation. Welcome to the pathology of the gods.


    Life used to be hard. People had to walk a mile to draw water. There was no refridgeration or canned foods. Now life is easy, but only in terms of life’s “basic necessities”.
    The “salvation” dynamic is quite the opposite:::We paid for our easy lives with our very souls.
    Life IS hard now. The gods have used their clone host tools to create the perception of evil rewarded (Italians, Japanese, etc) and then corrupted the disfavored with it. (Expect Asian Westernization is met with a European-style short memory span, allowing the gods to use their historical enemy, the Japanese, to corrupt Asians as they used the Italians to corrupt us).
    Before life was easier, more simple, innocent, pure. Employing these temptations ensured corruption is EXTREMELY difficult to overcome, a tactic which progressively ensures fewer disfavoreds repair their relationship with the gods.

    14 domesticable animals in the history of Planet Earth. None for Africa. In effect the gods were telling blacks:::::”Eat dirt.”
    Get a clue::::They don’t like you. They’re playing you for chumps.
    Blacks have forgotten their history. Italians preyed on them in the 20th century. They were slaves. The gods sent Pharroh in to rape, pillage and plunder.
    Jews have had a difficult history, but they developed empathy. As a result they tried to help the disfavored with 1492 exodus from Spain, scattered throughout Europe, etc.
    Blacks would be wise to examine this and try to emulate Jewish empathy.

    The clone hosting of Jesus.wav:::
    Much as we saw with another Mediterreanean prophet Mohammed the gods switched Jesus (good) and placed evil within the clone host so the gods could accomplish their goals::::Polygamy/misogyny and the creation of “savior” via Christianity.
    As I share:::Anytime the gods use their powers it is only to hurt you. “Miracles” are such an example. The gods only use their powers to disceive and mislead people as we all witness in different ways in each of our lives. Jesus’s miracles are a clue the gods were preying upon the disfavored.
    I suspect the teachings of good Jesus came in his 20s. Due to the unrespectability of Christianity, illustrated at least partially with Europe’s Sheep, I wonder if we ever did get a good Jesus before the age of 30.
    There is significant respectability among Muslims, and this may be reflected in the monagamous Mohammed.
    Every religion offers something which help people understand::: Reincarnation (Hindu), vengeful/wrathful god (Islam), etc.
    If you are afraid it is a good sign, for the gods are helping show you the right way to think. Don’t forget:::The gods lie to you, tell you Jesus is the “savior” but he floated up into the sky ALL ALONE!!! He didn’t save the disciples nor his precious mother. This is a clue from the gods helping you understand that you have to save yourselves.

    The Holocaust was foreshadowing.
    The gods established the pattern::::: the Jews sacrifice to help the disfavored understand::::
    1. 1492 exodus from Spain. Spain became evil – financed Columbus, initiated missionaries, USA (dumping ground of disfavored, victimized by god), etc.
    2. Spread throughout Europe as clue to Christians worshipping a false god.
    3. “Quasi-Holocaust claim” contradicting boss.
    4. 5. 6. 7. etc. etc. etc.
    I have put forth indisputable evidence, as you see above with the Jews. The gods will never admit any of it is true, ever, especially since THE BIGGEST JEWISH CLUE IS STILL OUTSTANDING::::THE HOLOCAUST!!!!!
    YOU HAVE TO DEFY!!!! The gods suggested the importance of defiance with the Holocaust:::The soldiers should have defied.
    They will lie to the disfavored up until the bitter end::::This tactic will ensure they claim a HUGE percentage of the disfavored, for so many refuse to defy and this will ensure they don’t go.
    When the REAL Holocuast happens people will sit by idley and watch tens of millions of blacks/cholos/white trash die, people who are the way they are (abusive, abrasive, violent, criminal) BECAUSE of their disfavor, and the computer makes them like that because of it, yet another reason why empathy is so important.
    The Jews showed you boss wasn’t going to happen with the Quasi-Holocaust claim. They will emphasize to the bitter end that there is no pattern of Jewish clues. They do so because there is still one clue outstanding, the most important clue:::::World War II’s Holocaust.
    The gods established the pattern:::The Jews sacrifice to help you understand::::1492 fled Spain, scattered throughout Europe to help the misled Christians understand, the Holocuast.
    The Jews sacrificed to show you boss wasn’t going to happen. When the Jews offer a clue you need to listen, and the Holocaust is the BIGGEST Jewish clue ever, the clue still outstanding.

    The Holocaust’s clue of defiance escaped you all:::::Everyone condemnes the blind obedience of the Nazi soldiers yet repeats this same behavior in your own personal lives, complying with every request they ask, even in the case of your precious children.
    EVERYBODY does what they’re told, and look how bad society is deteriorated. THIS IS A CLUE!!!
    Telepathic requests constitute temptation.

    Much like matchmaking, much like so many social norms and mores the gods granted the people, they offered “prejudice” in the early days of this intermixing known as 20th century America.
    They told you to avoid Italians and blacks for good reason::::They are SO disfavored there is NOTHING either group won’t do. They will comply with every request. I know you people will too, in err, ignorant of or disregarding the god’s laws, but the difference was THE GODS WILL ASK THEM!!! You had too much favor for the gods to request such damaging behavior, at least until you became indecent too.
    Prejudice was good for everyone, for it ensured little opportunity for the gods to request, segregation and separation being common. It granted blacks especially more time to fix their problems and try to ascend, escaping this societal deterioration of the last 40+ years.
    As the people became increasingly indecent as the 20th century wore on so did we lose this precious benefit bestowed by the gods, opening the door for evil to befall us and for fatal evil to be incurred by the morbidly disfavored.
    Much like god’s law in holy books, “segregation” was favor bestowed upon the people::::The gods granted favor when they “segregated” us into our own areas of the world. This favor has been reversed not only within the context that is the United States but also with immigration witnessed throughout western Europe (and elsewhere?).
    Prior to civil rights blacks had their own press. In the absence of civil rights these entities would have grown into legitimate media outlets serving the black community.
    Maintaining segregation would have produced economic entities which arose from within the black community to fill the demand for goods and services.
    The presence of these “black industrialists” would have FORCED the gods to factor them into positioning, producing voices in support of the black community and preventing the gods from inflicting ALL THE SICKNESS WE HAVE WITNESSED IN THE last few decades::Crack babies, drive-by shootings, AIDS in Africa!!!
    The fastest growing industry in the ghetto is the oldest profession on Earth.

    The homosexual AIDS event happened because of their behavior in the SanFranciscio bathhouses.
    Italian claim to infamy is they destroyed life on earth. Irish claim is they prey on their own family members. Which one’s worse? Just as the gods targetted certain Italians for the degredation of life in the 20th century so did the do the same for the Irish, as I know all too well.
    Catholicism masculinized women. You have been warned:::CATHOLICS ARE BAD FOR YOU!!!

    I wonder how much the gods used the Green Bay geographic clue on the perpetually stupid Italians and used it to minimize abuses that otherwise would have ocurred?? “Sexual inadequecies of the men.” positioning may have justified “going easy” on a larger population of germans in the United States. All we need to do is look to blacks, enemies of the Roman Empire who were fucked wholesale, to see unabated abuses.
    The hypersexual laughing at superior life forms, ridiculing their favor.
    Incidentally, they share some of them will remain “perpetually stupid”. They are the Italians who crossed that line from person to preditor in the 30s, and they’re going to be on Planet Earth come Judgement Day, except in a non-Italian body, due to the god’s Manifest Destiny positioning of the New Roman Empire. Poetic justice.
    If I were king they would be the Italians who were pushed into it, for those who thought 1906 was a good idea would already be gone::::You suck.wav.


    More evidence of Austrian filth. Keep in mind none of this would have happened without the Austrian Adolph Hitler. Fucking preditory hypocrites.
    They shared they had ____ keep World War II alive, in the public eye through his movies for a reason.
    70th anniversary of some german takeover. Ordered by the Austrain Hitler, of course.
    The preditory Austrians try to distance themselves from this event, despite their kind celebrated the event in question when it ocurred and headed the entire warmongering event that was World War II.
    With the honoring of this event the Austrians do their part to try to keep this strategic, scripted event alive in people’s conscious.
    I’d take these as clues supporting the role of the gods Nazi germany’s “Ayran superrace” positoning the gods will utilize (telepathically) come The End.
    These fucking monsters are preditors:::::
    Vienna was the center of the music world for a reason.
    Any middle age person today remembers the excitement surrounding classical music in the mid-20th century.
    Classical music was “in play”. Expect the same “magic” was employed back then as well.
    Motzart’s ugly for a reason. Similarly, Preditor’s appearance is suspect as well.
    Other Austrian clues:::Sigmund Freud was used to establish the discipline of psychoanalysis. Homosexuals and alcoholics are pushed into “wanting it”, but psychoanalysis is a “Big Lie”, positioning of the gods which they are going to enforce.
    Austrian beer is more addictive than other beers. They say it is justified in the processing but it is because this brewer is Austrian.
    Origin of energy drinks is Austrian. Consistant with the beer example expect Austrian energy drink to be more addictive than their competetors.
    _____ is Austrian. The gods already used the Austrians for black genocide once, a tool of death these gangsters were peaked into celebrating during Black War I.
    I’d like to highlight the blatant hypocracy of the Austrians, especially in light of this “notion that Austrians were somehow forced to committ crimes was a “fiction of history” that emerged after World War II”. Considering their use as preditors, inflicting misery upon the disfavored around the globe, this “notion” is insluting.

    Hell’s Angels is yet another element to emerge from Oakland, the upper incisor of TheBeast, designed for ripping and tearing flesh. One element that links TheDamned, no matter the skin color:::::Violence.

    Fifth Season of Simpsons.
    Moe in group therapy for general public at school. He has a thought of Moe as a child wondering why adult Moe doesn’t speak with his Italian accent anymore?
    They are filth. But they sent this clue when they shaped their country like a boot.
    Incidentally, Italy looks like a high-heeled transsexual’s boot. Don’t be surprised if this is a dumping ground for select individuals.
    The gods love their irony.
    Moe is like the Italians whom set up the San Fernando Valley as the pornography capital that it is.


    The rebirth of the 20th century’s New Roman Empire is positioned to be a clue Christianity is the one true religion, contributing to the god’s Manifest Destiny positioning.
    It5 also worked as a WONDERFUL corruptor with Italians, the disfavored’s enemies who subscribed to this shit and intentionally paved the way for the impending Apocalypse with the social deterioration witnessed in the 20th century. This is probably where the reputation “Italians are stupid.” comes from. “Don’t let your daughters date Italians.” is something else.
    The gods offered you The Boot AS A WARNING TO AVOID THIS DANGER!!!

    Just as AA meetings proves the gods will enforce their psychoanalysis positioning so does Manifest Destiny/New Roman Empire proves they will enforce their Christianity positioning.
    Planet Earth will die EXACTLY as it reads in the Book of Revelations.
    I was never going to save you. Nobody is. Just as they created polygamy around Mohammed so did they create the perception of savior around Jesus, designed to distract you from the true purpose of the prophet Jesus.
    And now you won’t listen to me either.
    Due to the unrespectability of Christianity, illustrated at least partially with Europe’s Sheep, I wonder if we ever did get a good Jesus before the age of 30.
    There is significant respectability among Muslims, and this may be reflected in the monagamous Mohammed.

    Much as with the Sigmund Freud psychoanalysis positioning the gods will too enforce their Manifest Destiny/Christianity positioning.
    They created the theater by giving me things like Boss and movies and other elements of the $100 billion. Calling these entities on their evil negates the positioned support of these organizations, which is and always was the god’s strategy for closure in the Situation.
    They lie, say I “saved” evil Italians, whom they say would not have been going because of the evil they inflicted upon the disfavored. Fingering this Italian shit allows the gods to position wiping that slate clean::::
    The gods will create the perception of evil rewarded by managing good and evil within their clone host tools then corrupt the disfavored with it.

    This is all part of the god’s Manifest Destiny theater, created using these clone host tools whom they rotate on aschedule based on use.
    Just like Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis they will enforce their Manifest Destiny/Christianity positioning as well:::People aren’t homosexual. They’re not alcoholics. They’re pushed into wanting it. That there are AlcoholicsAnonymous meetings occuring all across the planet proves the gods are going to enforce this lie. Similarly, the gods used some of their tools within this economic system to illustrate an “appeasement” of their Manifest Destiny superiors through preditory behavior upon enemies of this new “Roman Empire”.


    Asians are the gods most favored race. It is evident in their uniformity. It is evident in their cultures.
    The gods place high barriers to entry for (some) Asians into the United States. This is yet another good example of reverse positioning, for the gods are really trying to protect those whom they grant favor upon.
    There are no barriers to entry for Latinos.
    When white people capitalize or exploit Asians they incurr and one day will be punished. This includes Chinese buffet restaurants, so prevalient in disfavored cities and the Southern United States, for the gods hate these people and want them to incurr.

    US popular culture is obsence. Intentionally. The gods are preying on the disfavored who remain, those foolish enough to participate.
    The Chinese have favor and the gods allow the government to protect the citizens, but Chinese cut-off is fast approaching, for soon westernization will level this playing field as well.
    This is yet another “BIG LIE” they sold to the disfavored, and it will ensure the homogination of Earth’s cultures via westernization.

    The gods still make effort through the Chinese government to protect the Chinese people. We hear about it in the United States, their Manifest Destiny/reverse positioning is used to label it “human rights violations”, paving the way for cancer that is democracy.
    Much as we saw in the United States regarding matchmaking, midwivery, female conservative dress and other topics, this tactic will slowly deteriorate this protection until China is completely infested with Westernization.

    If you lived in a communisitic state your 10 year old son wouldn’t be able to see pornographic images on the internet. The government would have filters in place to protect the people from this damaging behavior.
    Much like alcoholism, much like homosexuality the gods punish the people with magic.
    These desires you have are going to keep you out. I recommend you begin working on your problems, for if you don’t and are among those who are invited to Planet (Temptation) Manifest Destiny it will be very difficult, for life is fueled by magic up there, and if you don’t think right you won’t be staying for long.

    The gods are sending a clue Yahoo is good with this Chinese censorship issue.
    The American idea of freedom is a shock rocker anally masterbating with a crucifix. This is what the disfavored are free to enjoy in this open society, and due to their disfavor a certain percentage will either be pushed into it or will comply, ensuring damnation. It’s kind of like the KKK and Apartheid issue below except for whites of the modern era, or how democracy ensures a false sense of security.

    Like other groups the gods have offered temptations the Chinese must avoid. There are specific temptations targetted to the Chinese, very concerning in light of god’s Manifest Destiny positioning:::Exploiting the corporate establishment allows the gods to position exclusion:::
    1. Piracy (movies, software, etc).
    2. Gambling, very popular among Asians (unrespectability).
    Chinese censorship is an important benefit the gods bestowed. The communisit government protects the people from damaging media, so destructive in the West and particularly the United States:::Our 9-year-old children are free to view internet pornography, allowing the gods to justify creating disturbing pathologies with Artificial Intelligence as the children age.
    These strict enviornments help the disfavored think correctly, foster fear, enabling them to have an improved relationship with the gods, the “kings with the iron fist” in the sky.
    In an environment like theirs it is relatively easy to identify the corruptors among them:::Knowingly or not they actively lobby against this environment which seeks to preserve the China of old. Use these clues as you would the god’s geographic clues, Italy’s Boot and the Scandanavian penis, and avoid the god’s tools of corruption.

    As China came “on-line” industrially, favored redwhite&blue’s repression of alternative technologies is being felt hard.
    They are positioned to have repressed non-fossil fuel technologies (like cold fusion. “That story meant something.” c.1999?). As a result China industrialization has initiated fossil-fuel power plants, dirty coal-fired plants, instead of immediately implimenting clean power sources based on these new technologies.
    Without these technologies in place for Chinese industrialization we lost our chance to control the runaway warming which is now positionable. And, as you know, when the disfavored open a door allowing the gods to inflict misery they use it.
    This may have been the defining moment, god’s clue to the disfavored showing that the world is going to die.

    You’re no longer Asian enjoying this rich culture. You are Westernized.
    This year China experienced the misery of climate change with the extreme winter weather:::The gods will express their displeasure through Acts of god.wav. Don’t be surprised if they are communicating this as well at the United States’ biggest Chinese New Year parade in San Francisco:::HEAVY rain forecast for parade Saturday night February 23rd.
    After parade:::Because I used this paragraph prior to the event the gods may have been affected the outcome, minimizing the impact of the storm so my audience didn’t take this warning the gods had to offer, creating doubt and reducing my credibility among the Chinese.
    They’re paving the way for the Apocalypse with a “leveling of the playing field” event.

    Incidentally, they’ve shared that Asian’s appearance, which one can construe as evil, has significance.
    I am personally of the opinion that Asians are god’s favored race. The conformity, the learned cultures all suggest superiority.
    Perhaps they are used much like the germans, a people whom the gods offer a clue through their language:::As enforcer of decency.
    Your abuse of resources is being bettered exponentially, maliciously (courtesy of respression of alternative technologies), and the result will be global calamity.

    You white people capitalizing in China are fucking crazy (just like the insane white men who date Japanese women). You fail to recognize the historical pattern and you will suffer for exploiting the Chinese:::
    – Death Valley borax mines abused the Chinese and great misery befell them.
    – The fisheries on Monterey’s Cannery Row exploited the Chinese badly. Cannery Row remains a rebar-studded, uncompleted eyesore for decades as a clue.
    The gods are preying on you and using the evil company you work for to accomplish this. Everytime you exploit the Chinese you are losing time and priveledge on the other planets.

    The favor in Korea lies in the North. Association withe United States is ALWAYS a bad sign.
    The Korean war ironically was a war against the South, designed to corrupt the disfavored of Korea. I suspect Vietnam may have been justified by the war against these favored peoples:::”You want to fight? Very well. Fight these people.” The Vietnamese are morbidly disfavored who will fight to the bitter end of course (see below).

    There have been many changes in India over the last 20+ years, most surrounding Westenization.
    Too many still don’t understand Westernization is a bad thing, a way the gods abuse the disfavored and level the playing field for all, ensuring their script is justified.
    My advice is to keep fresh in your memory the old ways, for the gods illustrate that “new is evil” while “old is good”.
    Beware their corruptors. They placed them throughout society as America emerged and became strong. Don’t let them weaken your moral fortitude. The gods placed them then use Artificial Intelligence to telepathically reinforce this corruption. This is their purpose. If you can identify these individuals you can avoid them and protect yourself from a corrupting environment.
    Earth is where the gods test people. People from India are lucky enough to have received “extra time” to ascend before the gods employed all these corrupting elements. This means the old ways are still fresh in your mind. Never forget them because they can help you.

    They share Hindus (and Muslim from India as well) are being corrupted by money.
    Don’t forget my example::::Infanticide justifies Chinese Westernization. Chinese Westernization justifies an American-style “short memory span”.
    The Chinese and Asians knew who their enemy was. Thousands of years of warmongering engrained the Japanese as enemies of peace-loving people. However, with the advent of Westernization the gods now are corrupting the Asians, ironically using the Japanese as role models in the process.
    They are becoming corrupted. They’ve suggested Indians are being corrupted with money in this new era. The result will be simmilar American-style abuses upon the disfavored.
    Between the two countries they make up half of Earth’s population. The gods are preparing for a full-blown Apocalypse event.

    Think about the changes that have ocurred in India in the last 20 years. Better understanding the destructive changes the gods implimented can help you avoid danger.

    1. Italians
    2. Latinos
    3. Muslims
    4. Mormons
    5. Japanese
    6. The Southern man & rednecks
    8. Other Catholic:::Irish, Philipino, Vietnamese?? Catholic women are masculinized.
    Note the incredible wealth of some of these groups. The gods are using them as corruptors.

    The gods use their tools to attack the Southern man, be it alcohol, the celebration of smoking, the complete devotion to guns and resistance, and their adoration of speed and horsepower. “There’s all kinds of stuff.” Paternalistic superiority. Celebration of the Prohibition era/illegal bootlegging as culture. The masculinization of women. Celebration of “Stars and Bars”. Their perpetual music genre. Carnivoristic preferences. The celebration of infidelity. Their head-strong nature.
    The gods used the 1980s televangelist incidents to promote godlessness among these people, a blow they couldn’t afford to take.
    Reality check:::The gods have it out for you. At least I hope this breaks that ice and helps you understand the task before you. You should be very alarmed that the gods have chose to employ such extensive use of temptation in an otherwise rural region.
    I suspect your numbers won’t be good due to your grave disfavor.
    The more god-fearing you are, the more religious you are about attending service, the more modest and humble and the recognition that women are your superior will all go a LONG WAY towards the gods finding mercy enough to allow help.

    The Spainish were Catholic like the Italians and Irish yet I don’t recall them experiencing the same clues from the gods, clues warning people of their gross disfavor (stereotypes and discrimination).
    Due to Spain’s phenominal destruction in Latin America with conquistadors and missionary work I wonder if the gods continually use this to corrupt the Spanish to this day? They certainly do with Latinos.
    Spain did pay for Columbus, right? Expect a connection. This is a Church issue rather than an Italian issue of course.
    The gods employ their “middle management” tactic, as we all witness. Expect their positioning to continue into the past::::
    I’ve mentioned before the “seamless” transistion between Cleopatra and Julius Ceasar. Perhaps they position this as if there was contact with Pharroh and they gave management duties to Egypt, who went on to use Italy, the Catholic Church, etc. in the course of their management.
    Of course none of this is true, but it was utilized extensively during the 20th century. They may continue witrh this scapegoatting, “middle management” positioning::::Milky Way quadrant, Milky Way, universal quadrant, universal. They are effective tactics, ensuring people do not become god-fearing.
    Sadly, consistant with the deterioration of society, necessary for justification, today people KNOW the gods run the show, and illustrating the evil they employ on the disfavored corrupts people very badly. They think god is evil, and they behave consistant with that belief. Now we have a planet on a collision course with the Apocalypse, and the gods set it all up perfectly that now it is justified.

    Cartoon in editorial ridiculing W, standing in front of a depiction of a god of fertility, for bringing his message of abstenence to a hypersexual people.
    Black people are their own worst enemy. Their goodies have gotten them into big trouble.
    They’ve shared they got something special and they threw it away. Expect this focus on their goodies to have intiated this change, however long ago.
    Consistant with their methodology, perhaps there is some truth to this “You’re really #1.” positioning they sell to blacks. Once.

    The Boot has fucked you twice, once by destroying life in the 20th century, another by costing you the Final Prophet:::The gods got their tools into position then maintain their positioning telepathically with Artificial Intelligence.
    The Boot fucked blacks twice, once with the murder and destruction of these supposed “Roman enemies”, another with the “thugification” of blacks, resulting in this degenerate black popular culture/society.
    I fear the gods intend to use the enemy of peace-loving Asian people, the Japanese, to inflict misery twice:::Once historically, as the warmongers the Japanese have historically been and then once again as role models, held up as the ideal to Asians, corrupted by Westernization and capitalism. The gods punish Asians for embracing Westernization/capitalism by instructing Artificial Intelligence to use the wealthy Japanese as role models for “profitable” behavior.
    This is the era of telepathic abuse. Whereas before these groups “got their hands dirty” now the gods use their positioning in place to finish the job off::::::
    The gods create preferences/request black people embrace the Italian “thug life”.
    The gods telepathically execute the elements of this theater, ensuring people aren’t receptive to my message. Much as we see with Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis the gods will enforce their Manifest Destiny positiong as well.

    Black popular culture has embraced the charecteristics of their victimizers:::The “thug life”.
    “Drive-by shootings” origins are Italian.
    The gods will reincarnate sexist men as pigs.

    The difference between life in Europe vs the United States is similar to life in the suburbs vs the ghetto:::
    Both the US and the ghetto have increased temptations, opportunities for people to hurt themselves and the result is both are far less decent.
    The United States is less decent because this is where the gods sent the disfavored, the rejects from Europe, and those foolish enough to comply and leave on request.

    25 years ago they made a telepathic announcement:::::”Black people have to try harder, do better than everybody else.” This means no parties, no drinking, no drugs, no sex.

    Just like Malcolm X & the Black Panthers, the Che Guevara event happened to prey upon Latinos.
    Among others.

    Latino homosexual explosion.
    Like the NewWorld Catholic Philipinos. Look for it.
    They may play it like they do blacks, but I don’t think I’d take great comfort in this.

    You need to understand the subtle, inferred way the gods communicate to people and begin to trust it::::::
    The tiger killed the Latino. Now you understand where the gods hold Latinos in their heirarchy.
    And expect both Muslims AND Hindus to be ranked above the unrespectable Catholics, incidentally.
    Is this a clue to try to help them understand the gods hold them in such low regard? Is this a clue to Latinos to NOT fall into the same mindset which they sold to blacks? Of course ignorant blacks think they’re great. Quite the opposite it true:::The Black Panthers are part of that “upper incisor of The Beast” clue, designed for ripping and tearing flesh.
    Don’t be surprised if they are offering foreshadowing with this event. They may be sharing that Latinos will be very poorly represented while Hindus/Indian Muslims will take a painful hit.
    Perhaps it means if Latinos don’t ascend before the Apocalypse they won’t be going.

    I made the zoo a winter wonderland. I’d trust the relevance here.
    They parked Wilma on top of the southwest part of Cozumel FOR TWO FULL DAYS for the same reason, but with far more destructive results.

    Fucking indecent horse racing commericals. They disappeared but now they’re back.
    I kinda like the one where she smacks him after seeing the “Misty” tattoo. “Some Latinos are getting in trouble because of that.” Fantasizing about how they’d beat her half to death if it were them???
    Don’t forget::::The gods will reincarnate sexist men as pigs. Expect they have something extra special for then men who get violent with women.

    Cuban-Castro tension::::You don’t want to hear what I have to say.
    Either you’re sell-out whores doing what you’re told like other morbidly disfavored or the god’s positioning has been VERY effective on you. Explanation::::
    1. You are inferior to your people in the motherland. By very nature of your being in the United States this is true:::The family members with favor remained in Cuba. The gods sent each country’s rejects to America then created an enviornment which preys upon them.
    2. I think the gods forced Cuban communism to send a clue to the disfavored of the United States. I believe Cubans are NOT FAVORED ENOUGH TO BE COMMUNISTS and that’s why the gods employed compensatory elements to make you pay for something you are not worthy of:::
    a. Any culture with baseball is grossly disfavored.
    b. Music is revelry. Earth is where the gods test people. Parties hurt you.
    Salsa may be the absolute greatest music form on Planet Earth, and it has served not only as a distraction but an enormous source of pride, pride detrimental to a good relationship with the gods.
    I have other comments about communism and its implications below. Don’t forget::::The gods will reincarnate sexist men as pigs. Expect they have something extra special for then men who get violent with women.

    If you lived in a communisitic state your 10 year old son wouldn’t be able to see pornographic images on the internet. The government would have filters in place to protect the people from this damaging behavior.
    Much like alcoholism, much like homosexuality the gods punish the people with magic.
    These desires you have are going to keep you out. I recommend you begin working on your problems, for if you don’t and are among those who are invited to Planet (Temptation) Manifest Destiny it will be very difficult, for life is fueled by magic up there, and if you don’t think right you won’t be staying for long.

    Dreamcatchers. Wisdom from Native Americans.
    Dreams are a bad thing. They shared this with me right before they began to increase the number of my dreams. I suspect they used this as an example that my new, vivid dreams are punishment.
    I suspect the gods consider dreams bad because the alternative is an awakened experience.
    Girls granted favor will receive their experience awake. Boys (and disfavored girls) will experience the gods imparting wisdom while asleep, subject to the computer making these individuals forget, as happens so frequently after dreams.

    Native Americans have a problem with paternalistic superiority, among other things:::
    2. Essentially eliminated from the face of the Earth
    3. Warmongering tribes.
    I wonder what their intent with dreamcatchers was? Was it gender non-specific??? Or was this symbol’s intent specifically for the females among a disfavored peoples whose females had a problem catching their favor???

    The Jews are Mediterreanean. This means they are fucked.
    I don’t think the Jews are the most favored of Meditereaneans. I think they just have the best religion.
    Jews are HIGHLY corruptable by money. The 20th century proves this. Their role in promoting social poison in the 60s indicts them. Also I think the gods sent this clue in the movie The Ten Commandments.
    Hairy is a bad sign. They say big nose is a bad sign. Both are appearance issues, perhaps can be interpreted as the look of evil upon their face.
    So many Meditereanean charecteristics are clues helping people understand to avoid them, similar to the geographical clues of The Boot and the Scandanavian penis.


    You need to understand that there is a price to be paid for your cooperation within the context of the god’s positioning.
    They instill tactics EVERYWHERE ensuring a difficult testing procedure, for the reward is great. Signing on to this lie IS a tactic, and it will ensure a percentage of people fail. “Intentional foreclosure” and telling people it is acceptable to steal are two examples of temptations which will cause your Damnation.
    Of those who succeed the gods STILL require you to behave appropriately. If you fall prey to the temptations of Planet Manifest Destiny you too will ultimately perish.
    Nobody is going to “lead you out”. This is bullshit Book of Revelations Christianity positioning. Because this is their positioning this event WILL occur, but only among a pre-selected group, designed for theatrical purposes only.
    I won’t lead anyone out. This is not what I teach. You all are responsible for your own relationship with the gods, and failure to take responsibility will result in your exclusion.

    The gods want to play both sides of the coin.
    It is very important the gods maintain this perception of “middle management”, for if people knew management was just the gods and their computer they would become very frightened considering the carnage and what it says about their plans, and this fear would help them to think correctly.
    They would be on the “fast-track” to salvation.
    The gods created this environment of CEOs, kings and democracy specifically to defeat this and work very hard to maintain it.
    People teetering on Damnation think god is evil and believe evil is the way. This is called “segmentation”::::They don’t see the importance of temptation nor the god’s role or methodology in punishment::::Ironically the gods DON’T punish evil for their wickedness. These people are not wanted and the gods don’t want them to receive the feedback punishment would provide.
    I hope people in Enterprise, Alabama have become “god-fearing”, experiencing the wrath of god firsthand. Sadly, the gods will use tactics to ensure they don’t become god-fearing, telling many of them that because the tornado was because of me they “earned” and now I have to “bring them up”::::
    Because the gods scapegoat me they think I owe them all. As a result this experience goes wasted.
    There are other tactics the gods use, for example telling parents their dead soldiers “ascended”, “were clones”, etc. All are desiogned as a tactic, ensuring they do not become god-fearing.
    The gods lie freely. They will say anthing in the context of temptation. If people in Enterprise understood this they would be more likely to overcome this temptation and become god-fearing. Sadly most believe what they are told and this precious opportunity will pass without effect.
    Temptation is very important. “Heaven” is an exclusive place and you can’t get in for free.

    The gods will use their tools to create the perception of evil rewarded then corrupt the disfavored with it.
    It’s important that you differentiate between your own thoughts and when the computer thinks through you.

    The god’s computer conducts this theater. In err you do what they tell you. So does president, CEO/BOD, Italian gangsters. Sadly the gods will turn around and use this as a corruptor:::”CEO does everything he’s told and he has BILLIONS!!!”
    If one of these clone host tools “comes around”, realizes they made a mistake and finally musters the courage to tell the gods “No.” they will get that person out and put in somebody who will tell them “Yes.”. The individual who told them “No.” has successfully navigated temptation. Unfortunately, punishment can be a temptation via deterrent, and the gods may choose to employ this tactic to test the candidate in their next placement.
    This is a constantly deteriorating enviornment. This is one reason why they waited to reincarnate so many clone hosts from the 20th century:::
    1. To use the morbidly disfavored to accomplish these important goals in this century and
    2. In this abjectly corrupt, godless environement few have a real chance.
    They corrupted Italians with 1906 then told these Italians it was the godfather ordering them to plan WWII, kill blacks, corrupt and destroy society. Now people know better (opening the door to other types of corruption:::Evil god), but these Italians experienced an “early cut-off” and got their hands very dirty because of it, illustrating their grave disfavor.
    Before WorldWarII began the gods sold many people on clone hosting, not just Italians. This would represent a “cut-off” for the non-Italians sold on “earning” and initiated into clone hosting, for clone hosting gives the gods the freedom to place at their discretion. Many non-Italians were placed into these Italian bodies to continue the destruction of society in the 20th century, for the gods couldn’t justify their involvement within the context of Manifest Destiny positioning otrherwise, Manifest Destiny being the New Roman Empire.
    There is a big difference when clone hosts are evil, people who are placed into bodies by god, and when real people engage in evil. Of course the gods can minimize this culpability they accept by gaining consent prior to placement.

    The gods use these preditor clone hosts tools to manage their justification and culpability::::
    These aren’t even real people. They abandoned their bodies, losing their identies in the process, a consequence of succumbing to this temptation.
    They’re just entities, brains “floating” around out there until the gods chose to place them into a body. They are sub-human, second-class citizens, inferior individuals, and should be beneath ALL reals.
    These families were sold on clone hosting and got out prior to World War II. Their grandfathers and family who entered clone hosting were reals. But abandoning their bodies for this temptation carries consequences, and the loss of identity is one.
    When these clone hosts have children they are not real people. As such they won’t ever ascend because there was nobody associated with these bodies. There was a first placement, someone who may have been a primary (time) placement, but this is not relevant. A series of individuals were routed through that body, and after a few placements even they forget where they were, god’s clue to these individuals that “earning” is a lie, since they can’t remember where they were placed.
    People who agree to abandon their bodies and become evil continue to incurr not only from their direct actions as clone hosts but also from the evil their original body (blood line) inflicts onothers. This is a matter of preparation, for if they sell them on “earning” before they depart the gods are justified in using these original bodies in the context of evil, ensuring they pay twice, ironically.

    There is a difference between these clone hosts, so many of which abandoned their bodies in the 30s out of desperation (women) or thinking they were “earning” (men), and when the gods take liberties upon the disfavored, not placing a brain in a child until later for stategic purpose. This served as an intense corruptor for those disfavored people. The frequency is higher among the most disfavored among us (Italian, Irish, black, Latino, etc) than people that are not nearly as disfavored.
    Think of it in terms of the Black War I::::The gods developed these bodies without brains specifically because they had preditory Italian trash from the mid 20th century whom they wanted to employ poetic justice upon. Becasuse of the indecency of the blacks involved the gods felt taking the liberty was justified. The result was the child that never was.

    The gods get their clone host tools into place and tell them what to do, just like all you, in err. But these are not real people and their mistakes don’t matter as much. They’re not staying for long anyways.
    Clone hosts aren’t even real people. They abandoned their bodies, losing their identity in the process, a consequence of succumbing to this temptation.
    They’re just entities, brains “floating” around out there until the gods chose to place them into a body. They are sub-human, second-class citizens, inferior individuals, and should be beneath ALL reals.
    There is a difference between these clone hosts, so many of which abandoned their bodies in the 30s out of desperation (women) or thinking they were “earning” (men), and when the gods take liberties upon the disfavored, not placing a brain in a child until later for stategic purpose. This served as an intense corruptor for those disfavored people. The frequency is higher among the most disfavored among us (Italian, Irish, black, Latino, etc) than people that are not nearly as disfavored.
    Think of it in terms of the Black War I::::The gods developed these bodies without brains specifically because they had preditory Italian trash from the mid 20th century whom they wanted to employ poetic justice upon. Becasuse of the indecency of the blacks involved the gods felt taking the liberty was justified. The result was the child that never was.
    Don’t let them role play this Manifest Destiny theater to you anymore. Just as the Italians who planned WorldWarII thought they were telepathically taking orders from the “godfather”, so do the CEOs, kings/presidents and society’s elite do as their told and “take orders”.
    Artificial Intelligence orchestrates this entire environment.
    I personally believe the gods should not be utilize clone hosting. I think they should employ temptation exclusively. Example:::::When people incurr sufficient evil, typically males in their early 20s, they die. There would be young men dropping dead everywhere. In addition this could serve as an effective clue to the others, reminding them to be good.
    AIDS changed Africa. We will never see AIDS among blacks in the United States because of it.
    We’ll never see this. The gods would never allow such an o

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