My name is danah boyd and I'm a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research and the founder/president of Data & Society. Buzzwords in my world include: privacy, context, youth culture, social media, big data. I use this blog to express random thoughts about whatever I'm thinking.

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It’s Live! New JCMC on Social Network Sites

It gives me unquantifiable amounts of joy to announce that the JCMC special theme issue on “Social Network Sites” is now completely birthed. It was a long and intense labor, but all eight newborn articles are doing just fine and the new mommies are as proud as could be. So please, join us in our celebration by heading on over to the Journal for Computer-Mediated Communication and snuggling up to an article or two. The more you love them, the more they’ll prosper!

JCMC Special Theme Issue on “Social Network Sites”
Guest Editors: danah boyd and Nicole Ellison

Please feel free to pass this announcement on to anyone you think might find value from this special issue.

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5 comments to It’s Live! New JCMC on Social Network Sites

  • Tim Horan

    great articles. well done. I hope these newborns don’t keep me up at night 😉 thanks

  • may the newborns be well-cited and age gracefully.

  • beautiful! just what i needed to brighten my day. 🙂

    p.s., i had no idea that all this stuff was out there. i’m going to graduate next year with a BA in philosophy from the university of michigan, and i’m shopping for MSI programs. i’m interested in social justice, social computing and community informatics…if you could drop me a line sometime, i would GREATLY appreciate it.

  • Congratulations! Your introductory paper will be a must-cite for SNS scholars, but I’m also looking forward to reading the other papers. Great work!

  • Well done & Thanks,
    I already added it to my syllabus (Web 2.0 seminar)
    and used the info. in a TV interview.
    Coming to TVs near you next week in Israel (Uvda).