george bush don’t like black people

When i first heard Kanye West say “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” my jaw dropped. It was so bold and yet went straight to the heart of what everyone felt. One of the things i love most about the hip-hop community is that they take events and mix it into song, remixing culture and sounds in a way that goes straight to the point. Earlier today, Xeni told me about The Legendary K.O. remix called George Bush Don’t Like Black People. Not only are the words poignant, the song itself is beautiful and filled of southern black sounds. If you haven’t listened to this yet, please do. It’s amazing.

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97 thoughts on “george bush don’t like black people

  1. Ben Barren

    Australia had a major secondary impact from The Tsunami in Indonesia with many Australians dying. Kanye West’ comment was the first one I heard about New Orleans. Ironically newspapers and TV do this every day in the way they deliver images. And Im not paranoid about mass media anyway. Its just the way it works. Mike Myers will never do a big box office again.

  2. angela

    This joint is very popular around the office! It made the rounds of different departments today.

    Can we get this on the radio?

  3. Wonkette

    Katrina Detritus

    • Presidents (and FEMA directors and news anchors and Homeland Security directors) say the darnedest things. [Political Humor] • “George Bush Don’t Like Black People,” the musical. [apophenia] • The t-shirt you demanded, before you deman…

  4. joe antal

    I don’t quite agree, title should leave out the word “black”. Its people he doesn’t care about, except rich one.

  5. kanye

    “filled of southern black sounds”. spoken like a true white person who’s never heard the original song by kanye west…

    maybe if you turned on kmel you’d be more accustomed to these “black sounds”.

  6. whatever

    spoken like a punk who thinks he’s up on the latest. cuz kanye sampled that from ray, so relax. and kmel? dig a little deeper, friend.

  7. kanye

    on the latest hahahaha. RIGHT. the point wasn’t who the sample originally came from (so i won’t get into your pissing match on who’s up on what), the point was kanye’s song wasn’t even mentioned.. as if this rendition thought of using the sample first, and its “cultured” for using it.. you can hear these “cultural” sounds all day on 94.9, 106.1 and on college radio stations when they play it. But it’s ok you don’t have to admit to never hearing kanye’s version which has been on the radio for least the past month…

    and yes kmel is a respected hip hop station.

    i think “whatever” sums up your thoughts nicely (and your thoughts on kmel which has been reppin hip hop longer than you or I have)

  8. slick

    Kanye West was waaaaay out of line. It isn’t about black or white you morons. Kanye’s comments only made him look ignorant, infantile, and like a complete fool. I say fuck Kanye West. Now every time I see him, I get annoyed and laugh at his dumbass.

  9. treadwell

    Although Kanye’s delivery of his message was not as smooth as his rapping; it was his point that should be garnering the attention of the masses. IF, he feels this way, just how far reaching do you think that very same sentiment is through out many urban, predominately black communities? S.O.S people, S.O.S – Save Our Selves. The black community needs to revert back to the “pre-crack” era, if you will. Back to a time of caring for our own. Here’s a hint: watch the folks in your local immigrant community, rather Mexican, Hindu, or Haitian, they take care of their own. From Grandparents to babies, families stick together. From cooking food for a needy family to taking in needy families – they take care of their own…Time to step up folks and take care of our own!!! Make the connection – where none has been previously seen…Treadwell

  10. Kanye is weak

    Why should he care about black people? You’re all just ignorant freeloaders who rely on some b.s. “slave story” that your grandmommy told you about her grandmommy. So you might as well act like you deserve all the free handouts you can get everywhere you go for something that happened before you were born.

  11. black person

    I was reading the comment posted by this jerk-off treadwell, who obviously doesn’t know very many black people, and I immediately started pouring smoke from my ears. I’m going to pray to god that he comes back to read this posting. For you to make a huge generalization about an entire race shows just how ignorant you are yourself. I usually don’t respond to ignorance like this, but this is ridiculous. If you had met every black person in America, this would be fine, but you haven’t, so it’s ignorance for you to put an entire race in a box that way. No two people are alike. George Bush should care about black people because we are people, simple enough. I’m not worried about what happened in the past, and neither is George Bush…clearly. I don’t rely on that explanation for anything and you shouldn’t rely on it for a reason to write all black people off as nobody. As they say…”Ignorance is bliss” And you are probably one of the most ignorant people I’ve ran into…ever.

  12. Angela

    I think you are replying to the wrong poster. It appears that the posters name is below their post.. not above it. Treadwell did not post that hate-filled post.. Some person named “Kanye is weak” did. He has no joy in his life.

  13. lookatthetime

    …and white people should get back to the pre-meth days…

    The statement was apt. The track brilliant. It’s made it to NPR. It’s been all over KALX for a few days.

  14. i agree

    i agree with kanye because its mostly blacks in new orleans and if they were white he would have reacted quicker than he did.

  15. i agree

    i agree with kanye because its mostly blacks in new orleans and if they were white he would have reacted quicker than he did.

  16. CaramelCofield

    To it seems as if the hurricane came through Florida in instead of New Orleans, he would have been there later on that day because his brother lives in Florida. People are saying that he told them to evacuate, but people have to understand that everybody isn’t financial stable and problem didn’t have cars. If he provide them with transportation it probably wouldn’t be that many deaths. It is clear that majority that was there was the minority A.K.A “black people”. I agree that he doesn’t like the minority. That is just my opinion. You don’t have to agree but that is how I feel. Before I go I will like to say something about the comment “kanye is weak” said. I am a proud black female. Nothing in my body is ignorant or even close. Those slaves stories help us know where we came from and let us know how we should appreciate the things we are able to do. That also let us know that you should let people run over you. Nobody is better than the other. And we do leave this world, we are going to leave with what we came and that is nothing. Only God can judge anybody. Like my grandmother like to say, we have to know where we came from to know where we are going. -CaramelCofield

  17. boogirl

    just puttin in my two cents: the outrageous stuff you hear when people are responding to this subject is usually 1:feds, or 2:ignorant ass people who like to get a rise out of you. AND, I bet it’d be real hard to find ANY black person who thinks it’s not about being black, we know racism cuz it’s in our face everyday. it’s like elementary school- ignore it, OR it’s on something more important: don’t fan the flames their tryin to plant in our base, remember cointelpro, the black panthers, etc. revolution cannot happen if we let them try to divide us. No, we won’t all agree on ‘is it black or is it poor’ and who the fuck cares, it’s not that important. yes to both. we’re all attacking the base of their power everytime we question what the hell they are doing to us, so don’t worry about the cats that don’t get it or claim they don’t, let the robots get back to antagonizing their moms they still living with and their internet porn and get back to business: organizing the real people.

  18. Joe

    How can Bush not like black people, Bush is minority him self seeing he’s Native American the idiot. lol

  19. Imready

    People always talking about it isnt about black or white. I could understand that coming out of a non-black person’s mouth but black people snap out of it. Of course class seperation is also a factor but racism is live and direct. If you dont think so its because you not black. If you are black and still dont agree, you might be a uncle tom, house nigger etc.. So fuck anybody who doesnt feel that its about black and white. Racial tension is building and black people better organize and get ready to throw down. Its be too long and the black man has turned into a big pusy. Holla

  20. Eliab Caudio

    whatever the issue, Bushs’decisions does have somewhat of a racial influence, and he cares of no one else other then himself, damn Bastard………..yeah I said it, now take me to jail……..

  21. Eliab Caudio

    whatever the issue, Bushs’decisions does have somewhat of a racial influence, and he cares of no one else other then himself, damn Bastard………..yeah I said it, now take me to jail……..

  22. TheHunter

    kanye, while not the best speaker, is raising an important point…i am not saying that he is telling the truth or that he is talking b.s.
    Here in Northern Ireland, there is a new saying, “as sectarianism dies, racism grows”. You Americans may have heard on the news about the ‘Omagh Bomb’, ‘Northern Bank Robbery’ and organisations like the UDA, IRA and UVF; they’re almost dead – no-one cares about the difference between catholics and protestants anymore. What you don’t here is attacks on Portugese workers, unfair pay for polish fruit pickers, abuse towards us, the asians, and limited racist abuse towards black people.
    Racism is growing and we know it; we just haven’t realised that we know yet. Kanye, I hope was the wake up call.

    Belfast, Northern Ireland

  23. Steven Beebe

    Let me see if I get this right… Americans (predominantly white) have given over 1.2 billion dollars to the victims of Huricane Katrina. Rescue workers of all different races came from all over the nation to rescue black people off of roof tops. An now, we have a complaint about racism and not caring about black people. So, this is the gratitude white people get for helping blacks…

  24. Rachel

    Okay listen, Kanye West is the one that is racist he is full of crap. Also, the black people that say stuff like “Oh my ancestors were slaves and blah blah blah” are idiots. Black people are given a lot more breaks than white people.
    What would black people think if white people had their own “White People Movie Awards” or “White History Month”? That would be racist.. black people need to shut there mouth with this racist bull and read up on all the “black only” stuff they have. You don’t see white people yelling “I’m white and no black man can hold me down” do you? No, so shut the hell up already!!!

  25. Ryu

    Kanye is fuckin dik, first in Jesus Walks he says We are at war with Racism then on gold digger he says u leave ur ass for a white girl its not Bush doesnt care bout blacks, its he doesnt care about new orleans in general. and all u fuckin blacks do is keep making everyone aware that we have difrent colour skin like black music!!!. black history month, stop fuckin whining bout how ur ancestors were slaves. it happened rite aint gonna fuckin change so stop fuckin whining about we need a black president and nigga this, nigga that and calling white people wiggaz, chinese chinks and indians packies u lot are the fuckin racists

  26. Eminem

    lets talk about white rappers whos your top 5

    1-Mike Shinoda
    4-Joe Mscudda
    5-Jin (yeah hes chinese but technically chinese are white)

  27. Jahod

    I pray for everyone one who does not see how slavery has effected black people and still does today. For all of you who say “it happened in the past, get over it”, you are truely ignorant. Whites will never understand the pain blacks feel everyday. I agree that bush doesnt care about blacks just as he doesnt care about the rest of the minorities as well. Republicans are for the rich and therefore only care about the rich. Jesus spoke of people like this in the bible. Black people just need to hold on and keep faith in God because no word is higher than his. Just remember that when jesus comes, all of the people on earth who were consisdered 1st will be last and the last 1st. And if you dont believe in the word of Jesus who is the son of God, then you dont believe in neither. America has a chance to make right its wrongs and execute justice. If you know your history and you know the word of God, America has broken every law that it glorifies. Example: Thou shall not steal. Thou shall not kill. We stole this land from the Natives and killed thim for it in the process. If I tried to point everyone of the injustices out, I would need a lifetime. People in need to wake up and realize that everything that happens today is prophasized in the bible. Now are you going to fight with that or imbrace it? Dont take my word for it read it yourself. I just pray that people except the truth and stop mixing the truth with lies for lies are of the devils work. God is full of nothing but the truth and rebukes lyers and America was built on lies of which “people of color” (not only blacks) have been victims of these wicked actions. But luckily for all, God loves all he created, and shows mercy for those who repent and do the works of Jesus. I just hope its not too late. God bless you all!

  28. tina

    One thing I agree with what Kanye West said. And I’m not ignorant, I’m a highly educated Filipina woman. And, if that ignorant person even went to college he would probably know that some of the most highly educated people believe in what Kanye said.

  29. Ryu

    God is not fucking real, Jesus is not real. It was proven that Christianity was a load of ballshit made up by a writer called Jesu Attakinama. So why dont people like Kanye and dat girl dat believes in dat shit called Christianity stop making everyone aware that we have different coloured skin which is fucking promoting racism

  30. kylie bolaney

    Bush making comments about how he cares about everyone is crap if 200 americans were stranded on an island and 100 was black and 100 was white ….well we all know who he would choose!!!

  31. hotchick131314

    i dont know why u all talkin about buddah shit George bush dont even like that he is in to the whitey tighty shit!!

  32. hotchick131315

    hotchick131314 is not hot. She quite ugly actually. Ginger hair, a red nose, black skin, blue fingernails and watery boobs.

    believe in da buddah bitch

  33. younggenius

    this goes to i love asian women. christianity is not a white religion and GOD does not speak. if your talking about jesus i dont remember him saying anything about white people either.

  34. younggenius

    this goes to ryu and that confused tina christianity is a corrupt religion, but thats because your people like altering things to make it better for them. to make us think jesus is white better yet to make us think god is white.The bible is made up of diffrent african myths and tales such as the story of jesus’s birth. ironically it has the same story line of an ancient egyptian story. To get back on topic there is a god and if you believe science is the reason we are here you are crazy if u think we just suddenly evoluted from fish and monkeys i wonder what we’ll turn into next.

  35. younggenius

    this goes to hotchick131314 did u know that the name buddah is the name of a great ancient african warrior in 10th century thailand who was worshipped.

    He was not a obese chinese man

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