Monthly Archives: June 2005

gentle re-entrance

It’s 4AM and i just took the N to Wonderland after my last night in New York before heading out to a week with my family. I can’t even begin to exclaim the glory of taking a vacation, the preciousness of laughter and late-night conversations. I feel so thankful for my life and genuinely refreshed. Of course, i’m really wary of diving back into the life inside the machine.

There’s no good way to sum up my trip so perhaps a photo will do:

::giggle:: Really, Thailand was about daily Thai massages, my first acupuncture, private yoga, meditation, temples, one evil jellyfish, fasting and a hell of a lot of beach. I stayed at a place called The Sanctuary on Koh Phangan which is utterly glorious for anyone looking to chill out in Thailand at a non-pretentious resort.

New York has also been filled with chilling goodness too, ranging from goofy nights in the Ye Olde Carlton Arms Hotel (“a riot of visual cacophony”) to a day spent with mermaids and Clay’s little boy to getting kicked out of Washington Square Park in “the city that never sleeps” (ha! things do close!). All amongst amazing company, seeing old friends everywhere and finally getting to meet a fellow troublemaker. Oh and pizza and bagels and Belgian frites. I love New York sooo much.

The weird thing is that i don’t really miss my computer life. I don’t miss the OCD hypertension, the time spent zoning out with human contact coming in bubble form locked in my room. Roaming the streets, human synchronicity, adhoc exploration, walking my ass off, doing yoga… it has been so lovely to interact with people constantly that my computer feels so cold and blogging feels so remote. I love being back to intellectual engagement with friends but i do not miss email one bit. I wonder if it’s possible to just give up on email entirely, to just turn it off. Hmmm….

Anyhow, i still felt the need to blog re-entrance even if i’m still not responding to anything sent my way. ::wave::