how will the military vote?

Although i uninstalled Shrook, Newsweek kept coming during finals. Thus, i read all about the prison crises. While the soldiers were saying that they followed orders, those in charge were passing the blame or saying that it was just a few people operating inappropriately. Stanley Milgram, anyone?

Waking up, my roommate reminded me that it was Memorial Day and we got to talking about different wars. I started thinking about how the military always follows orders and is always a pillar of conservative ideas. They’re the most likely population to vote Republican. I wonder how much they feel betrayed right now. I mean, their Commander-in-Chief and Secretary of Defense betrayed their trust and then refused to take responsibility for what happened. Even McNamara knew that those at the top were always responsible.

Newsweek had all of these write-ups about military folks who were embarassed by the prison scandel. Do you think that they’ll vote for Bush in Round II? Where do their allegiences lie?

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5 thoughts on “how will the military vote?

  1. DF in the OC

    I’ve got a few friends in the military… I’ve chatted with a few who definitely do feel betrayed. They have a well-established system, a good research institution, a well-written charter… and it was all changed on a whim. Army war college plans? scrapped. Military estimates of need? ignored. Alliances and cooperative arrangements? mocked, then discarded.

    So at least some are good-and-solidly pissed off.

    Of course, it’s important to realize that “conservative” and “follow orders” and “vote republican” don’t all go together at all times… the military voted against Bill Clinton, by and large, despite his role as commander in chief.

    (Real name skipped since I don’t write political opinions on the net. But you know who I am.)

  2. Abe

    Actually its really only the military officers who have a strong Republican trend (hence Colin Powell’s party affiliation). The rank and file is far more diverse. Remember its mainly lower to lower middle class kids up in there. Lots of black and hispanic kids who are strong Democrats. Overall I think they vote only mildly more Republican then the rest of the population.

    As for the officers this year, I think a lot will swing to the Democrats. Think Wesley Clark. Think Anthony Zinni a General and former marine who has been strongly against the war. Scott Ritter the marine weapons inspector who was practically the only person who really knew for a fact pre war that Saddam had no WMD… There is a lot of hate for Rumsfeld in the officer corps.

  3. Michelle

    danah – wow the more i read of your papers and research the more fascinated i become. i was going to email you since it does not directly relate to this post but could not find a ‘contact me’ link. i am fascinated and enthralled by your research. i notived on your reading list you have Outsiders….by Howie Becker and was wondering if you have read anything by Erving Goffman (i feel like the answer is yes of course and that it is silly to even ask). i have always been into reading about social deviance and would be interested in hearing your take on some/any of goffman’s work. i have a meager little blog, a blod dump of my mind on a day to day basis, nothing to the extent of yours but a way to blather on my thoughts and not bother those around me with me incessant ramblings. the blog i am at now is new and needs to get many more reflective ponderances into it. anyway i ramble on…thank for a great site with more than just a handful of quality reading….what do you hope to do once you get your degree?

  4. zephoria

    Goffman is my absolute favorite and i strongly encourage everyone to read “Presentation of Self in Everyday Life” – it’s the basis of so much of my work. [The reading list is more things that need to be purchased/read]

  5. zephoria

    Oh, and helpful hint: never ask a PhD candidate about the end of their degree…. touchy touchy topic. If everything was known, the dissertation would be written. Instead, we must rely on PhD comics to advise us about our lives.

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