3 thoughts on “friendship amongst women

  1. Rayne

    Fascinating – thanks for sharing this one.

    Meshes completely with what I’ve learned about separate states of consciousness biased along gender. Wonder, though, which comes first – did woman’s “innate” emphasis on interrelations encourage the production of beneficial biochemicals, or did woman’s biochemicals encourage relation building? Sounds like a loop…

  2. jack dalton

    I reckon this is a group you should think about crashing – you would be good for them and they would be good for you…
    thinkingwomen thinkingwomen-dot-blogspot-dot-com

  3. jill/txt


    After fifty years of stress research, almost exclusively on men, the standard doctrine has been that when under pressure, humans snap to fight or flight reactions. We hide away or we get angry, is the idea. Recently it occurred to…

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