I created a group of New Year’s Goals and here they are:

– Not allow others to define my priorities and ruin my goals. I want to practice diligently and relax at my house without stress over computer science

– Develop patience skills, both with myself and others.

– Meet new people and strengthen my relationships with current friends. There is no reason that friendships should falter because of stress. Friends deserve more.

– Determine my priorities and devote 100% effort into each one. No overextension of any sort. Time should be allotted for:
— practice
— exercise
— three meals per day including dinner AT HOME
— reading time
— calling home

– Save money. There is no reason to go into debt or spend more than $20 per week. One half of all money earned shall be saved for a rainy day.
– Write with vigor. Bland emails and half-worded thoughts plague my days
– Volunteer.

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