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travel schedule from hell, bright white light at the end

I’m about to embark on what can politely be called the travel month from hell: 12 cities, 3 countries, 13 different talks (with far too little overlap). I can bitch and moan, but there is a beautiful white light at the end of this horrid tunnel: hibernation. That’s right, the moment we’ve all been waiting for… (or at least the one that I have): Starting November 1, I will go into hibernation to write my dissertation. From thenceforth, only personal travel (weddings, burfdays, Xmas), no conferences, only 1 paid gig per month. I’ve been practicing the word “No” lately and am getting kinda good at it. And I need to be because I think that I will be in hibernation for a good 6-9 months. Crazy, eh?

Thus, this upcoming month of conferencing is bound to be a nice little social hurrah before I disappear into the world of dissertation. As usual, I don’t schedule anything during conferences but I’m always hanging around the conference or in the hallways and love adhoc socialization and food outtings. So, if it’s your thing, hopefully we can play at any of these public events:

(Oh, and to pre-empt the question that I’m getting frequently these days and am bound to get at all the academic conferences, the answer is: no, I’m not going on the academic job market this year. I’ll explain why a little later.)