Email Sabbatical: December 13-January 10

I call this year my year of triplets. Over the last few months, I had my first child, finished my book, and kickstarted a research institute.

In planning this year, one of the things that I promised myself was that when Ziv was giggly and smiley, I would take a proper holiday and get to know him better. That time has come. Ziv, Gilad, and I are off to Argentina for a month of trekking and rejuvenation.

Those who know me know that I take vacations very seriously. They’re how I find center so that I can come back refreshed enough to take things to the next level. 2014 promises to be an intense year. It’ll begin with a book tour and then I’ll transition into launching Data & Society properly.

Before I jump into the awesome intensity of what’s to come, I need a break. A real break. The kind of break where I can let go of all of my worries and appreciate the present. To do this, I’m taking one of my email sabbaticals. This means that my email will be turned off. No emails will get through and none will be waiting for me when I return. I know that this seems weird to those who don’t work with me but I’ve worked hard to close down threads and create backup plans so that I can come home without needing to wade through digital hell.

If you’re hoping to reach me, here are four options:

  1. Resend your email after January 10. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. If you want it waiting for me, send me a snail mail: danah boyd / Microsoft Research / 641 6th Ave, 7th Floor, NY NY 10011
  3. For Data & Society inquiries: contact Seth Young at info [at]
  4. For “It’s Complicated” questions: contact Elizabeth Pelton at lizpelton [at] gmail

The one person that I will be in touch with while on vacation is my mom. Mom’s worry and that’s just not fair.

I’m deeply grateful for all of the amazing people who have made 2013 such a phenomenal year. With a bit of R&R, I hope to make 2014 just as magical. Have a fantastic holiday season! Lots of love and kisses!

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2 thoughts on “Email Sabbatical: December 13-January 10

  1. Casey Hall

    I hope you had an enjoyable break from the email. Great to hear of people doing things to create their own lives and really live.

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