Baby Ziv

Ziv Lotan Boyd was born into this world shortly after midnight on Sunday, July 28 after a movie-esque labor (complete with a NYC cabbie running honking like mad and running red lights to prevent me from delivering in the cab). The little ball of cuteness entered this world at a healthy 7 pounds, 13 ounces and we’re both healthy. We’re all doing well as we recover.

As per my maternity note, I have no idea what the days ahead may bring but please understand that I may be non-responsive for a while, especially when it comes to work-related requests. If you need my attention for something work related, please wait a while before approaching me. Thanks!

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18 thoughts on “Baby Ziv

  1. Sherman Dorn

    Congrats!! Have fun with the new family member, be patient with yourself, and, um, baby pictures are just incredibly cute. Just saying…


    One of the truly great days of your life. Best to you and your little one. My kids are now 31 and 28 and the time goes quick so squeeze her and kiss her a lot while you can.

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