Monthly Archives: April 2003

letter from Eve to Bush

I have to admit that it makes me really really happy that V-Day is providing a voice on the war issue. Certainly, i see the relationship between ending violence against women and girls but i’m regularly amazed at how many members of our audience do not. Given the negative feedback we got on the first time, i was *very* happily pleased when Eve decided to open letter to the President.

death in iraq

When the US invaded Iraq, officials seemed to think that they would be welcomed with open arms. Needless to say, they haven’t been. This has outraged many and turned our goal of freeing the Iraqis to one of destroying them. People in Iraq are fighting back in the limited ways that they can. Fair? All is fair in war. And besides, we invaded.

To appreciate the intensity of the situation, here’s an article depicting the atrocities of war and how hatred mounts. This only furthers my deep belief that our troops need to come home.