Monthly Archives: May 2001

To Charlie’s Angels:

Guys – i had the most fascinating dream last nite.. need to share.

We were driving through the country and were in South Dakota (why that state is always in my cross-country dreams….) We got off at a reststop and were being utterly silly, giggling and stupid and whatnot. MTV was at the reststop and we asked what was going on. Apparently, they were interviewing folks for some new reality TV show. Some guy approached us and told us that we looked like the Charlie’s Angels and would we like to talk with him about this reality TV show. He had an MTV badge on. We said we were just passing through; he said “Perfect!”

We went through that stupid NDA crap and then he started talking to us.

MTV was going to air a reality TV show where they removed a small number (3 was perfect) of young people from their lives, in the form of a voluntary kidnapping. No one but the removed people would know that it was an MTV stunt. The volunteers would be sent away to a comfortable location, secluded from the population, but totally cozy (i volunteered a secluded beach island with white sands and he said if that was what we wanted, that would be what we got). We could only take one personal item each (like a photograph or whatnot). MTV would supply anything else we needed or wanted to be comfortable (M asked about Boggle at the same time that H asked about Scrabble and the guy said yep). Anyhow, we could get anything we wanted, food, games, movies, books, _anything_. We just couldn’t have contact with the outside world. On the outside, things would start coming up about our disappearance in South Dakota (or wherever). Our car would be found, media would start going wild. We would get to hear all about the media, but not respond to it. Our parents’ would be distraught, etc. etc. Everyone would think we disappeared for real. At the end of the month, we would be allowed to reappear and if we made it through it, we would each get one million dollars as a reward. Of course, they would record us the entire time, our conversations, our thoughts (we would have to do private time like in the Real World). It was a warped psychology experiment on society and media, basically.

So i woke up as we were pondering whether or not to do it, weighing the odds, recognizing that the money could help our families but that we would drive them insane in the process.

It was a totally fascinating dream. Would we do it? I don’t even know…