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I passed my qualifying exams! Woo woo!!!

Of course, the last 24 hours have been quite strange. I’ve been prepping for quite some time. Yesterday, i chilled and a friend came and did reiki with me. I was heading to bed, all relaxed when I heard a pounding on my door. I found this quite strange given that i have a gate to my apartment. I started walking downstairs when my doorbell started ringing. And ringing. I reached the bottom and it was my neighbor. “Isn’t that your car?” I looked out and said yes. “There’s a guy in it.” I was totally frazzled and i walked down and started pounding on my car window. “Get out of my car! What are you doing in my car?” He said that the door was open. “No it wasn’t! Get out of my car!” He said he was going to sleep in it. “Get out of my car!!!” I started flipping out as my neighbor was calling the police. The guy got out and started walking down my street, away from the situation… slowly, as though nothing was wrong. At that point, i realized the window was shattered. I realized the light had been turned off, the glove compartment was open. The hood was popped. He was going to steal my car! My neighbor explained that he saw him get out of the backseat, walk around and get into the front seat. My other neighbor came out and said she had heard glass break. Baroo? The cops arrived in two minuts, but couldn’t find the guy – they confirmed that he was most likely going to steal the car. Eeeek! So now, a day after getting my car from the shope, i had to go back to the shop with a broken window. What a strange event only hours before my exam.

In reflection, i realized how thankful i am that my neighbors are so kinda, that they reacted so fast, that they cared. I’m soooo lucky. I cannot imagine how i would’ve felt coming out this morning to drive to my exam to find my car missing. Thank god for my neighbors. But then i was sad. The guy was about my age, was wearing gloves and had a backback. It was clear that he broke the window with something he had on him, in that bag. He was intentional about his theft. He did not care – he lied to me. It makes me so sad that he thinks that this is the best thing. He cost me hundreds of dollars but that doesn’t matter. I understand being poor, but i cannot imagine living a life where such theft seems reasonable. I found that i was more sad than angry, more thankful that my neighbors cared than upset that this man wanted to steal my rather simple car. It was strange to go to my exam with glass all over my car, to think about what different life paths he and i have.

Still, i got to my exam and my committee was so full of insight and good thoughts. The process was more enjoyable than scary, even though i was terrified walking in. I found that i enjoyed their critiques, found their concerns valid and intriguing. I’m looking forward to starting proper data collection. But first, i’m looking forward to a vacation. ::bounce:: Finland, Fiji, New Zealand – here i come!!